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Surprising report: Cowboys are in the process of bringing back Brice Butler

Could this be true?

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

It sounds a little crazy. There is a report out there that the Cowboys are in the process of bringing back ex-receiver Brice Butler.

The Athletic is usually a reliable media organization, and they sound pretty sure this is going to happen. Mike Fisher somewhat disputes it, but not entirely.

Our own RJ Ochoa noted this tweet from Brice Butler earlier this week and speculated that just maybe he was talking about the Cowboys.

So why would that lead to speculation about the Cowboys? Because of the “He opens closed minds!” line. That could mean the Cowboys because of the way that Butler blasted the Cowboys back in January of this year about how they used him and the other receivers the past few years. In that interview, he appeared to burn bridges and the Cowboys would seem like the last team to welcome him back. On the other hand, Butler did seem to have some chemistry with Dak Prescott on the deep pass, and everyone knows that would benefit the Cowboys right now.

We’ll just have to wait and see if this report actually pans out. The Athletic seems pretty sure of it, but it would be a surprise. Stay tuned.

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