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Landon Collins had to eat a lot of crow after the Cowboys beat him and he wasn’t happy about it

Challenge completed.

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants safety Landon Collins did an awful lot of talking last week.

Collins challenged the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, something he’s not very good at historically, and it did not go very well for him when Dak Prescott helped ensure a 20-13 victory for America’s Team on Sunday night.

Asked about his infamous (and now obviously incorrect) words after the game, Landon retreated. This is one of the smaller giants that you’ll ever find.

Dak Prescott did more than help the Cowboys defeat the Giants. He personally answered the challenge that Landon threw his way when he threw something of his own on his second pass attempt of the night.

Yo Landon, where you at?

Maybe Landon Collins should just never talk about the Dallas Cowboys or their quarterbacks ever again. He doesn’t seem to have literally any too much success when he does. The scoreboard doesn’t lie.

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