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Report: Cowboys “lightly shopped” Jourdan Lewis at the end of the preseason

That’s interesting.

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

About an hour before their final preseason game of 2018 the Dallas Cowboys traded away cornerback Charvarius Ward to the Kansas City Chiefs. In return they acquired offensive lineman Parker Ehinger who would shortly end up on injured reserve.

What if Ward wasn’t the only corner that the Cowboys dangled for would-be NFL teams? According to a report that surfaced on Tuesday night, Dallas “lightly shopped” second-year cornerback Jourdan Lewis.

As you’ll note in part of the tweet (and as you’ve likely seen for yourself through two games), Jourdan has been used quite sparingly thus far. Dallas has a bevy of cornerbacks in Chidobe Awuzie, Byron Jones, Anthony Brown, and the aforementioned Lewis, but the realities of football dictate that you simply can’t play everybody.

Still though, Jourdan Lewis was impressive through his rookie campaign. When reports surfaced at OTAs that Anthony Brown got the nod over Lewis as the team’s slot corner many were upset, but Kris Richard looks like he knows what he’s doing with a star on his polo so it’s not exactly easy to question his decision-making here.

We don’t know exactly what conversations happened with the Cowboys in regards to potentially trading Lewis. Saying that they “lightly” shopped him indicates that things weren’t very serious, and if they had indeed managed to move him perhaps they wouldn’t have dealt away Charvarius in order to preserve their depth.

The truth is it’s a very good thing that a player like Jourdan Lewis has only played one snap so far. That means that the Cowboys have a collection of talent and that they’ve hedged their bets in important places like the secondary. It makes sense that they would have looked to capitalize on that, and they ultimately did, it just wasn’t while using Jourdan as one of the pieces to do so.

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