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Jason Garrett: Randy Gregory, Xavier Woods will attempt to practice today

Coach updates us on the state of the Cowboys.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It’s Wednesday so the Cowboys are heading back to practice in preparation for a road trip to Seattle. Coach Garrett addressed the media. (All Garrett’s answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

The Seahawks have “a really good” defense

Jason Garrett gave a lot of credit to every phase of the Seahawks defense. Noting some change in personnel but they play the same way and they have playmakers at all three levels.

Brice Butler is getting integrated back into the team

When asked about the new/old Cowboys receiver, Jason Garrett noted that he’s a good player. He said “when he became available” that they thought Brice would be a nice addition. He should practice today.

Managing seven wide receivers will be interesting

Garrett noted that having “a lot” of guys is better than “not having enough” but obviously this is a lot of wide receivers to have on one team. The head coach expanded saying that typically you have guys who are safety nets, typically backup linemen don’t play in games, but that other guys need to have some kind of a role.

It’s extremely unlikely that the Cowboys have all of their receivers active on gameday, and they will compete in practice to see who gets a role on game day.

Hopefully Randy Gregory and Xavier Woods will be able to practice on Wednesday, Datone Jones as well

Jason Garrett did say “in a limited fashion” but this bodes well. They will see how they are early in practice and decide from there.

Jason Garrett said the Cowboys “needed” Byron Jones to play safety

When asked about Byron Jones playing at cornerback he said that the Cowboys envision leaving him there for a little while. He noted on Byron’s versatility coming out in 2015, but he did specifically say that they “needed” him to play safety. He noted Jones is athletic, explosive and long and that he’s doing well.

Bobby Wagner will be a tall order this Sunday

Asked about Travis Frederick’s ability to get to the second level and how paramount that is against a linebacker like Bobby Wagner, Jason Garrett hit on that importance. He noted that Frederick does really well on “reach” blocks against nose tackles and getting to the second-level. He thought that Joe Looney is getting more comfortable and better at that as he’s playing.

Seattle ranks up there as far as the loudest ones Jason Garrett has seen

Garrett did note that domes are typically loud, but Seattle is Seattle for a reason.

Deonte Thompson’s speed “is one of his defining traits”

Deonte Thompson is fast, but Jason Garrett noted that they didn’t see him as just a speed guy. He expanded on how he’s savvy, a good route runner, quarterback-friendly, and made it a point to mention that he can go deep. He also is a willing blocker. Obviously the Cowboys don’t see Deonte as a one-trick wonder as far as abilities.

Playing Cam Newton recently is certainly helpful for Russell Wilson

Nobody is saying that Cam and Russell are the same quarterback, but Jason Garrett said they pose similar challenges. It definitely helps to have just recently played one when getting ready for the other.

Jaylon Smith is gaining confidence

Jason Garrett said the Cowboys didn’t necessarily want to limit Jaylon Smith in 2017, but he talked about how Jaylon was more comfortable doing some things versus others. More experience, more confidence, sustained performance, and more snaps all have Jaylon trending upward.

Sean Lee is anticipated to do “something” today

Jason Garrett noted that Sean Lee’s injury was described to him as “hamstring tightness.”

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