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Jason Garrett: Randy Gregory, Datone Jones had good practices, Sean Lee will try again today

Coach updates the state of the Cowboys.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Thursday and the Cowboys are in preparation for a road trip to Seattle to face the Seahawks. Coach Garrett addressed the media. (All Garrett’s answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Is it tougher put in tight end packages without Jason Witten this year?

We’ve had a variety of tight end packages over the years, we’ve had other guys play in two and three tight end sets. The only thing that is different is we don’t have Jason WItten in there on all the plays. We certainly called plays that focused on Witten. Each if these guys have a role and we’re working them in.

Earl Thomas missed all offseason yet is playing great?

He’s a rare player, has been for long time. It’s easy to see why he’s a great player, athletic, quickness, speed, striking ability... but his instincts and know-how is probably line one with him. He can miss some time and not miss a beat.

Do you have to account for him on every play?

He is certainly a guy who shows up on tape, but you have to be careful not to be overly concerned, but you also have to be aware. You can’t just say Cover 3 or Cover 1 and know where he will be, he is instinctive and around the ball.

Kris Richard playing his old team, does that give you some advantage?

Sure, but one thing you find out is people have connections to other teams every week, coaches who were with players, players with coaches, etc. Those things always come up, he did have a big impact on their team, but it’s not unique. The biggest thing we do is focus on us.

With a hamstring injury to Sean Lee do alarm bells go off or are you better prepared this season?

Biggest thing is for players to listen to their body. He did that in the game and made us aware of it. Don’t be dumb-tough with soft tissue injuries. We’re fortunate we got guys to put in. Lee didn’t do much yesterday, we hope he will today. We’ll see how he looks at the start of practice and go from there.

Was it an intentional plan to get better at LB this offseason in case of injury?

We’re better prepared, Jaylon is a year in, he looks more comfortable physically and mentally. LVE was a high draft pick, we’re giving him opportunities, Joe Thomas and Damien Wilson too. Lee is the leader of the defense, but we have more depth now. We are hopeful Jaylon would continue to grow, no question LVE can be an impact player that could play this year and add depth.

How did Datone Jones look?

He did a good job, he was working back into it throughout the last week, he had a good practice.

Will Maliek Collins practice this week?

Hopefully he will practice.

How did Randy Gregory look?

He practiced well, no issues.

Pete Carroll said your offense has noticeably evolved and changed?

I certainly hope so, you want your schemes to grow and evolve, even with the same personnel and you want to customize them for new personnel. You want to make things fit year to year, our coaches strive to do that.

With the defense off to a great start, do you manage games differently?

We want to be aggressive and attack, we want to play to the strengths of the team. It doesn’t make you more conservative, it could make you more aggressive because you can trust them.

History has shown that Zeke takes off in Week 3?

He’s been a great play regardless of which week. He has been running the ball well, he’s been good for the most part in protection, he’ll continue to get more work. He’s done well with his opportunities.

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