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Jaylon Smith’s hit on Eli Manning was so great that the NFL literally gave him an award for it

The perfect play.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Jaylon Smith had the hit of this young season for the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday night. You know the one.

Smith launched himself into Eli when the quarterback tried to get a little mobile (yes we’re still talking about Eli Manning) and provided for a big-time “oh!” moment within AT&T Stadium. The best thing about the hit beyond its impact was that it was immediately obvious how safe and legal it was.

This is a subject these days because the NFL has made tackling the quarterback near impossible. Defenders are trying to sack signal-callers without having their body weight land on them, it’s a tough business that’s provided for some extremely frustrating moments around the league. Such isn’t the case for Jaylon Smith.

The NFL was in fact so proud of Jaylon’s efforts on de-cleating Manning that they literally gave him an award for it (the “Way to Play” Award) and are going to donate to a school of his choosing. What a time to be alive.

Dallas visits New York in the regular season finale this year. Hopefully the NFL readies their pocketbook because it’s likely that Jaylon will make them (and quarterbacks) have to pay again.

It really should be noted how impressive it is that Jaylon accomplished this, by the way. He’s still “coming back” and having to deal with a change in technique is never an easy thing. For him to be able to process so many moving parts all at once is impressive.

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