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Report: Pete Carroll “unsure” about Earl Thomas’ status for Sunday’s game against Cowboys

It’s a curious thing, Earl Thomas’ status for the game and in Seattle.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Earl Thomas and the Dallas Cowboys, man.

It’s been oddly quiet on the ET front this week considering the team he lobbied to get him when last season effectively ended is visiting the team he’s currently playing for (in a disgruntled way, mind you). The Cowboys were reportedly heavily invested in trying to trade for Thomas, but they never could get anything done with the Seahawks.

This obviously makes this game interesting. Will Thomas be bitter? Will he perhaps personally escort Cowboys pass-catchers into the endzone out of retaliation against Seattle? He’d have to play for any of that to be possible, and he might not even do that. Seriously.

Thomas didn’t appear anywhere on the Seahawks injury report, and as this tweet notes this is apparently a personal matter for Earl Thomas. Today is Friday and we’re inside of 48 hours to kickoff; Pete Carroll being vague about this doesn’t seem to bode well.

Whatever is going on with Earl Thomas the word around the Seahawks beat is definitely that Coach Carroll is being vague. One reporter went as far as calling him intentionally vague.

Will Earl Thomas play against the Cowboys on Sunday? Will the Seahawks trade him away as soon as the game is over like many hope? There are a lot of questions and right now there aren’t many answers.

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