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Tweetcap: Cowboys dominated by Seahawks, can’t win when best players have worst performances

The Cowboys best players had complete mental breakdowns which Seahawks capitalized on.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys went into Seattle confident that they had an offense that may be finding itself after getting a few things going the week before. They were even more confident that their defense having nine sacks would handle a Seahawks’ offensive line that had given up 12 in the past two games. What happened on that field was a complete mental breakdown by the Cowboys on every level of their team all within four quarters of a game.

You just can’t encapsulate that type of loss with only word because it truly was a monumental failure from everyone involved. There is one word that comes to mind but people are tired of hearing it. Maybe we should pay more attention to it.

From the first series of the game, it was a comedy of ineptitude. After Deonte Thompson’s return set them up at their own 34, the offensive gameplan screamed “we want to punt.” Seattle’s defense showed run, the offense gave them 12-personnel, exactly what was expected. Ezekiel Elliott manages to actually get five yards on the first carry and the Seahawks try to assist with a 12-man penalty. The drive ends after three plays and eight yards:

Time for that Cowboys defense to come out and show the Seahawks yet another ferocious pass rush. On 3rd and 5, Tyrone Crawford executes perfectly but the NFL officials are undefeated:

Thankfully the Cowboys still get the Seahawks off the field with the help of Sean Lee being in on six tackles of a 10-play drive. The Cowboys offense starts to move a little with Elliott rushing for seven and Tavon Austin takes a jet sweep around the right side for 18-yards. Then another miscue:

This drive ends abruptly after Dak Prescott throws a nice ball to Michael Gallup, who can’t complete the catch and Earl Thomas, of all people, makes him pay:

Whatever chemistry that was built between Dak and Gallup in training camp has taken major blows since the season started. He had a drop in the Giants game that would have been huge for the offense:

Any time these two try to connect with each other, it’s either poor execution from the rookie receiver or Dak floats it on him. That just makes it even harder for this offense to sustain drives or find consistency of any kind:

The Cowboys defense bailed them out from that interceptions putting up a three-and-out for the Seahawks. Just when the Cowboys think about getting Dak on the move, Tyron Smith was helping the rookie and Barkevious Mingo goes untouched. Mingo knew exactly what was coming and denied the bootleg:

A violent sack on Dak Prescott but Elliott gets an 11-yard gain setting up the 3rd and 9. Dak has Elliott open, places the ball where it needs to be, but no reward. Hot and cold quarterbacking is certainly part of it but the skill players have contributed to this ineptitude in the passing game:

When the offense can’t do anything but turn the ball over after the defense has successfully stopped the opponent three times, it’s only a matter of time before something gives:

Trailing by a touchdown, the Cowboys offense gets off to a nice start with big gains by Elliott and Cole Beasley but as we’ve seen on multiple occasions, it just hasn’t been sustainable. Elliott almost gets his QB killed and luckily this play wasn’t a worse outcome on a total whiffed assignment:

They take a few steps forward but giant leaps backwards:

Dak delivers a nice strike to Allen Hurns to keep hope alive in this drive despite the miscues:

On a 3rd and 2, Prescott looks to have delivered a 32-yard touchdown to Elliott but it’s negated due to poor awareness and illegal touching. There is just no excuse to be one of the league’s best players and not know where you are on the field:

As much as we ridicule this quarterback, my colleague Connor has a point, Dak Prescott provided chances to win and his playmakers let him down at an alarmingly high rate. The Cowboys got on the board but this was just another disappointment. The Seahawks offense was working out all of it’s kinks against the Cowboys, too. When you can’t consistently pressure Russell Wilson, this happens:

With two minutes left before the half, the Cowboys were thwarted by a Seahawks defense that suddenly could rush the passer after struggling for their first two weeks. Jarran Reed bullied the rookie Connor Williams:

It was as if these two teams traded places overnight:

To make matters worse, the Seahawks receive a gift with nine seconds left in the half on 3rd and 7. This was unacceptable by Randy Gregory and dug the hole deeper with an easy three points.

Third quarter and the defense gets the Seahawks off the field with help from Byron Jones who was having the best day of all the cornerbacks on the roster.

Stop us if you’ve seen this before because just about every player that was doing great things would also make backbreaking mistakes. Byron Jones’ holding call on the punt wiped away perhaps their best chance to turn this game around:

The Cowboys offensive woes in a matter of a few short tweets:

Tyron Smith gets burned badly by Frank Clark with Mychal Kendricks cleaning up for the sack and another drive that had no chance:

Finally, something positive in the third quarter, the Cowboys defense gets their first sack on tag-team efforts from Sean Lee and DeMarcus Lawrence. It’s also the first Seahawks possession to end on negative yards:

Four straight completions for Prescott has the Cowboys at the Seahawks’ 17 for a 3rd and six but Frank Clark destroys it again:

Russell Wilson just marches down the field in a matter of six plays as the third quarter is nearing the end. Already closing in on the red zone, Daniel Ross for the assist:

The Seahawks used Chris Carson perfectly to batter the Cowboys defense for over 100-yards rushing and this touchdown run:

With time left to still get back in this game, Ezekiel Elliott established himself as the best and worst player for the Cowboys one game. He had well over 100-yards rushing but the only stuff that will be remembered is how Elliott cost the team two potential touchdowns:

To their credit, Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch played well in this game gave the Cowboys the ball back for another opportunity. Jaylon pressured Wilson to force a punt.

Just inside nine minutes to go, we see the Cowboys offense finally get into the end zone on a shovel pass from Prescott to Tavon Austin:

It was far too little and way too late for this Cowboys team but they would actually get two more possessions. A poor decision by Prescott on a throw to Geoff Swaim results in Earl Thomas’ second interception and a poetic cherry-on-top for the All-Pro safety:

Dak Prescott would walk into his fifth sack on the last possession with :53 seconds left and this ugly game finally ends for the Cowboys offense. Nothing went right from the beginning and when it did, it never lasted long. The Cowboys are 1-2 and though it’s one game, the struggles by just about every Cowboys player that the team needs to succeed was most troubling.

To put it rather harshly, we leave on this, everything was horrible:

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