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Six NFL teams and fanbases that should be just as mad as the Cowboys

We aren’t the only ones in the NFL that are hurting.

Chicago Bears v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The Cowboys aren’t the only NFL franchise to stumble out of the gate. While we wallow in our own misery, let’s wallow in some other team’s misery, too. For various reasons and to various degrees, the fans of these teams are probably a little upset right now.

New England Patriots - Could the reign of terror finally be over? Sure, you can never count them out as they’ve rebounded so many times before. They are notorious for slow starts in September. But still. They beat the winless Texans by only seven points, lost to Jacksonville, then got smoked by the previously winless Detroit Lions. The Lions loss looked particularly bad. They will get Julian Edelman back, and they traded for Josh Gordon, and it’s still Brady and Belichick. So maybe this is an overreaction, but hey, any opportunity to take a shot at the Pats is a good one!

Houston Texans - Remember when the Texans were a chic pick for the playoffs, and everyone thought DeShaun Watson was the next big thing. Good times. The Texans are 0-3 and as OCC likes to remind us, 0-3 means it’s 2019 mock draft time. But hey, at least they have the Cowboys on their upcoming schedule. I kid (sort of)! On the other hand, at least we could beat the Giants.

Oakland Raiders - How’s that Jon Gruden contract working out for ya, Silver and Black? Khalil Mack sure looks good with a “C” on his helmet. He has 15 pressures on the year, the same number as the entire Raiders defense. Did I also mention that Jon Gruden is the coach.

Minnesota Vikings - After failing to get a win against Green Bay and having to settle for a tie, they went out and signed Dan Bailey. Everything is good then for the would-be Super Bowl contenders. Right? Uh, how do you lose, at home, to the winless Buffalo Bills, who had been outscored 78-23 in the two previous games, by a score of 27-6? That has to make some people mad. Skol!

Atlanta Falcons - Not only did they waste Calvin Ridley’s breakout performance by letting the Saints and Drew Brees score 43 points and win in overtime in their building, but they lost another defender. The Falcons have lost Pro Bowl safety Keanu Neal for the season, Pro Bowl linebacker Deion Jones for over half the season at minimum, and now are without their other safety, Ricardo Allen, for the rest of the year. At least they can score, and they’ll need to as they dropped to 1-2.

Arizona Cardinals - You know why the Cowboys don’t have the worst offense in the NFL? Thanks, Arizona. At 0-3, they are mock drafting and praying that Josh Rosen is the guy.

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