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FanPulse: Cowboys fans are more accurate at game predictions than Lions fans, and they expect a loss

Let’s hope we’re wrong.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Every week many of you here at BTB are polled on various things concerning the team and matters across the NFL. This is part of SB Nation’s new FanPulse tool.

One of the things each fan base is asked every week has to do with their upcoming game and the confidence surrounding it, from a point spread-perspective. Fans are asked how many points they expect their team to win or lose by. It’s interesting to see which fan bases have the best grip on their team so far this season.

Cowboys fans predicted wins in all three of their previous games

FanPulse data has shown us how fickle Cowboys fans can be (they only have 6% confidence in the team as an example), but how correctly have BTB’s voices predicted the first three games of the season? Much like the real Cowboys, they are 1-2.

  • Week 1: FanPulse predicts Cowboys win by 6, Cowboys lose by 8
  • Week 2: FanPulse predicts Cowboys win by 4, Cowboys win by 7
  • Week 3: FanPulse predicts Cowboys win by 6, Cowboys lose by 11

Cowboys fans have been off by an average of 11.3 points per game this season, but you’ll note that FanPulse expected somewhat easy wins in Weeks 1 and 3 and that those ended up being wide swings because of losses.

Lions fans have yet to correctly predict a Detroit game

As mentioned, this data is accrued all across SB Nation. Considering the Cowboys are hosting the Detroit Lions this week, how has the FanPulse of Pride of Detroit done in terms of seeing the future?

  • Week 1: FanPulse predicts Lions win by 8, Lions lose by 31
  • Week 2: FanPulse predicts Lions win by 1, Lions lose by 3
  • Week 3: FanPulse predicts Lions lose by 9, Lions win by 16

Lions fans have been off by an average of 22 points per game this season, but they’ve had some pretty huge outliers twice in just three weeks. They got surprisingly round-housed by the New York Jets in their season opener and took down the vaunted New England Patriots last week which was, understandably, a game many Lions fans expected to be a loss.

From a technical perspective Cowboys fans are closer to scores, but again this is some weird data so far. Dallas fans did correctly foresee a win against the Giants, Detroit supporters have yet to correctly predict a game but they were definitely pleasantly surprised with what happened against the Pats.

How do Cowboys and Lions fans feel entering Week 4?

The reality of the NFL, heck the reality of life, is that when something good happens our confidence is significantly boosted. The opposite is, of course, also true; when we smell smoke we typically scream fire.

Cowboys fans are feeling lower than they have in quite some time and the Lions are coming off of beating the Patriots on primetime. Both predictions certainly reflect that.

  • Cowboys fans predict Dallas will lose by 1
  • Lions fans predict Detroit will win by 6

There’s a disparity of seven whole points at stake here. For what it’s worth Bovada currently has the Cowboys as three-point favorites which is essentially just the home-field advantage.

Who will ultimately be right?

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