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Ezekiel Elliott battled through injury for one of the greatest performances of his career

High score, is that good?

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott racked up 240 yards from scrimmage against the Lions. That’s a career high.

Zeke did it all on Sunday. He ran, caught, blocked, juked, hurdled, and perhaps most importantly, he reeled in the deep bomb from Dak Prescott late in the game to help put the Cowboys in field goal range to get the win. Talk about a day’s work.

The Cowboys had only given Zeke the ball 48 times through the first three games of the season, by far the lowest he’s ever had through any three game stretch. In spite of this, Zeke had taken some big hits so far this season. He also had a bit of an ankle issue against Detroit, but he battled through it. He spoke of how sore he is after the game.

I’m beat up. I was already sore in the first quarter. I knew what type of game it was going to be. Knew how to grind through it. Rod did a great job giving me spells when I needed to. He went out there and played very well. He did a great job running the ball.

Rod Smith had a single carry to his name before Sunday’s game against Detroit and we saw him get six in this game alone. It was the perfect combination of a game to feed Zeke, rest him up, get Rod involved, and cause havoc for the Lions defenders.

Higher utilization of Zeke is something that many have screamed for. We got what we wanted, and the Cowboys won. He needs to stay healthy and thank goodness everything’s alright, but it looks like this really is the formula to victory.

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