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Jason Garrett on Rico Gathers: “I think he’s grown and developed as a tight end”

The Cowboys are talking a good game about RIco Gathers, but will they follow thorough.

Arizona Cardinals v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

If you really don’t think that Rico Gathers impressed the Dallas Cowboys, just know that he made the 53-man roster the morning after he was arrested for marijuana possession.

Many wondered whether or not there was even a possibility that Gathers could impress the team, so the fact that that he could was a feat of its own, but the how he impressed them still needs answering.

Jason Garrett gave us a bit of clarity on that front during his Monday press conference. When asked in the past about Gathers before he’s said things that are typically more constructive towards the tight end, but on Monday he was more complimentary. Jump to the 6:36 mark if you want to hear it from Garrett himself..

“Rico just did a nice job playing for us. I think he’s grown and developed as a tight end. He’s doing more of the things that a tight end needs to do better. Some of the things come more naturally to him. He’s getting better at some of the things that he hasn’t had that much experience with, and he had a good training camp and a good preseason. One of the things that was impressive about him is even though he was learning you can tell he was thinking, he made aggressive mistakes, he played fast, his inexperience didn’t cause him to slow down. I think that’s a big step for a player. He got better and better and better.”

These are great words to hear about any developmental player and Rico Gathers certainly fits that mold. He has the potential to be a great redzone weapon for the Cowboys, but that potential could never be realized if he didn’t make the roster. It’s actually happening.

Gathers still has a long way to go, and a lot to prove, before those that are all-the-way in on his hype are correct, but right now it’s at the very least possible. This is a victory and hopefully there is more to come.

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