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The betting public doesn’t think the Cowboys will win more than eight games

If they aren’t with us, they’re against us!

Dallas Cowboys v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

We’ve officially reached the regular season. It feels so good.

It’s true that the Dallas Cowboys will play a meaningful football game on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, their first of 16 all-important contests this season. How many games will they win? We’ve discussed, analyzed, debated, and anticipated what we can, but some people have done a bit more. Some people have put their money where their mouth is.

Where has money been placed though, what do people believe? There are different odds for the Cowboys depending on where you look, but the general consensus is that they’re around eight to nine wins. If it was, say, 8.5, what would you take?

According to Bovada the Cowboys, who are set at 8.5, have the third-most Win Totals Under bets. In other words, of all NFL team odds the “under” is being taken on the Cowboys more times than any other team save for the Cleveland Browns and Oakland Raiders.

Heaviest bet Win Totals Under:

Cleveland Browns Under 5.5

Oakland Raiders Under 7.5

Dallas Cowboys Under 8.5

This feels disrespectful. The Browns are the Browns and the Raiders just traded away Khalil Mack. What have the Cowboys done to be associated with that level of negativity?

It would be understandable for many to be taking the under on the Cowboys if the number was set somewhere around 10 or 11, but 8.5 might be that make-or-break point for folks. The narrative on Jason Garrett’s Cowboys is that they are a perpetual 8-8 team and that’s technically under the 8.5 mark.

Bettors believe in Ezekiel Elliott, though

While people are placing their money on the Cowboys underwhelming in 2018, they are also doing so in the belief that Ezekiel Elliott will carry them to whatever heights they do achieve. Obviously Zeke is a favorite to lead the league in rushing, but he’s also got the fifth-largest percentage of money placed in terms of who league MVP will be. He’s the first non-quarterback, too.

MVP % of money:

Aaron Rodgers 15.4%

Deshaun Watson 8.3%

Carson Wentz 8.0%

Drew Brees 5.8%

Ezekiel Elliot 4.7%

It’s certainly interesting that the fifth-largest contingency believes that Zeke will have an MVP-like season for the Cowboys, but that the third-largest contingency believes the Cowboys won’t win more than eight games. If Zeke is in the running (no pun intended) for MVP then Dallas is likely a playoff team.

Obviously these two things aren’t directly related and the only thing that serves as a common denominator is that the general public are the ones betting, but it is definitely weird to see. Sunday will help answer a lot of questions and doubt. Hurry up, Sunday.

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