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Brett Maher is listed as the Cowboys backup punter, and they haven’t listed one there recently

Maybe the Cowboys really like Maher’s versatility.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Houston Texans Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

There are many Dallas Cowboys fans who are still trying to make sense of Dan Bailey’s release last Saturday. Why? How? Why? Also, why?

Dallas chose to roll with former CFLer Brett Maher who has never kicked in an NFL regular season game before. That’s bold and they obviously wouldn’t release Bailey without just cause (at least in their own minds). We took a crack at trying to figure out what they were thinking over the weekend here at BTB.

Bailey’s release will likely never make full sense to most of us, but the Brett Maher era begins on Sunday. There’s something interesting to note regarding Maher, though. On the Cowboys unofficial depth chart for their Week 1 tilt in Carolina he’s listed as the backup punter. Dallas previously hadn’t listed one in the Bailey era.

2018 Unofficial Depth Chart

2017 Unofficial Depth Chart

Dallas listing Maher as the backup punter on the depth chart may be just them doing so because he is literally capable of punting, his versatility is a strength in that regard.

We know that Jeff Heath is effectively the team’s backup kicker, but he isn’t listed there on this depth chart. Maybe this is all semantics, maybe it has the key to the universe written in it, either way it’s interesting considering it hasn’t been there in recent memory.

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