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[UPDATE] Cowboys upped offer for Earl Thomas, Seahawks wanted more, Cowboys back out and Thomas reports to Seattle

It looks like the Thomas saga might have come to an end.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

This post has been updated for clarity. The original version continues at the bottom.

Update: 12:25pm ET

Whatever excitement you had about the Cowboys reportedly upping their offer to a second-round pick for Earl Thomas, well, you might want to make sure you’re sitting down.

Thomas posted on his Instagram page (a place that’s connected him to the Cowboys quite often) that he will be reporting to the Seahawks on Wednesday, although he isn’t too thrilled about it.

Thomas notes that the “disrespect has been noted” and is clearly displeased with the way his contractual discussions have gone (or really haven’t gone) with the Seahawks. He will be a free agent in the offseason and maybe something can happen with the Cowboys then, but while they did reportedly up their offer they ultimately chose to back out of the discussions altogether when it wasn’t enough.

It was a fun dream while it lasted.

A report surfaced on Tuesday night that the Dallas Cowboys were holding firm on a third-round pick as far as their trade offer to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for Earl Thomas.

The Seahawks allegedly want more than a third-round pick, they reportedly want a second-round pick “and change.” What that change is has yet to be defined, but the Seahawks want it. We’ve been debating and discussing what the Cowboys should offer (more like what we’d offer), but apparently they’ve been talking about it, too. They’ve reportedly upped their offer to a second-round pick.

It’s interesting that Schefter notes this has happened within the past week specifically because the report of a firm third-round pick came about 15 hours ago (as of the time of this post). A second-round pick feels more than fair for the rights to Earl Thomas and to award him with a long-term contract, if Seattle wants more then it is starting to feel greedy.

There is no real hard deadline approaching unless you count the fact that the regular season literally begins this Sunday for both the Cowboys and Seahawks. Perhaps Seattle will reach a point where they realize a second-round pick is fantastic compensation for a player they will very likely watch walk away in free agency in the offseason. That feels like the only logical end to this.

The biggest takeaway here is that the Cowboys are reportedly willing to deal a second-round pick. Things could heat up on this front, or they could stay as they have forever now. For some reason, it’s starting to feel like the former more than the latter.

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