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Travis Frederick gives the latest update on his medical condition & efforts to play

This is definitely news.

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The status of Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick remains a mystery, but the All-Pro did speak to the media for the first time in quite a while on Thursday.

“Right now, my focus is getting back to being here and being able to play again,” Frederick said Thursday, speaking for the first time since his diagnosis two weeks ago. “It’s a matter of time for that to happen, and unfortunately, I don’t know what that time is. I think as long as I continue to keep my eyes forward and continue to work toward that, we’re going to be in good shape.”

So much of the future with Frederick is uncertain. When will he be ready to play? Will he ever? Who is going to make that decision? Is it going to be Frederick? Whoever is making it, when will it be made? The sum of it all is we don’t know and likely won’t for some time.

Frederick’s diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome took Cowboys supporters everywhere by surprise and his health remains of paramount importance in terms of priorities. Obviously we’d love to see him back on the football field, but Travis the person takes precedence over everything else.

Something of note happened on Thursday in addition to Fredrick speaking for the first time in two weeks, a bit of a clearance of sorts. An important one, it would seem.

Doctors cleared him to begin working with free weights this week.

Frederick continued to speak about his recovery, and how the doctor’s caught the disease early in its development.

“Everyone’s case is very different,” Frederick said. “There are a lot of different levels of this. Mine was a very slow-moving case to start and sort of ramping up there at the end. In its slow-moving process, I caught it early and by catching it early we cut off what would be the bottom end of this – paralysis and trouble with breathing and body control.”

Doctors cleared him to begin working with free weights this week.

“Previous to that, it’s been very light, circuit-type training, just to get my body back to doing some of those movements,” Frederick said. “In the worst cases of this, you suffer paralysis and things like that, and you have to retrain your body to walk. At this point, we’re sort of retraining the body to make sure I can do the movements that I previously have been able to do.”

Let’s continue to hope all remains well with Frederick.

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