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Cowboys vs. Panthers: “The [Panthers] biggest weakness is obviously the offensive line

Time for some insider info on the Carolina Panthers.

Carolina Panthers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Oh yea, it’s time for five questions with an opponent... and have it be for a real game. That’s right, the Dallas Cowboys and the Carolina Panthers will play on Sunday, so we talk to Cat Scratch Reader for some intel on the enemy.

Blogging The Boys: Do you think Daryl Williams or Amini Silatolu will play on Sunday? If they don’t play, what is your confidence in their backups and how much will it affect the offense?

Cat Scratch Reader: I suspect at least one of them will play. If Williams plays then I suspect our line can hold up decently well against your pass rush. We traded for Corey Robinson on Sunday to back up the right tackle position, so we’ve never seen him play in this offense and have no idea what to expect.

Silatolu is a trickier question. Most of us believe the Panthers would be better off if he didn’t play. Y’all signed Mackenzie Bernadeau after we let him go in free agency years ago. We called him turnstile. We also believe that he might be a better option at guard today than a healthy Silatolu.

BTB: Tell us how DJ Moore has looked so far, he was someone Cowboys fans were following heading into the draft.

CSR: He had a great training camp and a quiet preseason. Moore looked decent in the first game against Buffalo, but then got popped for driving 113 mph in a workzone that same night. We think (hope) that either got in his head or got him in Ron Rivera’s dog house. I wouldn’t expect him to be a huge factor in Sunday’s game.

BTB: What player has been a total surprise this offseason and is now in line to see substantial playing time.

CSR: Taylor Moton was a second round pick last year as an offensive tackle. He settled in as a back up guard and ended up playing at right guard due to injury late last season. This preseason, he has played left guard, right tackle, and now left tackle due to our string of injuries.

He has looked, albeit in limited preseason action, like a natural and competent left tackle. A revelation, if you will, after watching Matt Kalil struggle to live up to his contract there. We are looking forward to seeing him tested by DeMarcus Lawrence.

BTB: What’s the biggest strength of the team, and the biggest weakness?

CSR: Their biggest weakness is obviously the offensive line. Their biggest strength will either be the defense as a whole, as Rivera always fields a solid unit, or Cam Newton. If Newton can get even a modicum of protection out of his patchwork line then he is capable of burning the whole league down. He didn’t win the 2015 MVP for his smile, he won it because he had the best offensive line of his career.

BTB: What do you see as the Panthers record this season? Are they Super Bowl contenders?

CSR: It’s hard to judge, but my heart wants to say they are contenders. We still have no idea how the offensive line is going to hold up and that might be only the second biggest question for the offense. Nobody knows what kind of effect freshman offensive coordinator Norv Turner will have on Newton or how he will use Christian McCaffrey.

The Panthers might have one of their most talented rosters in years heading into 2018 but I can’t confidently say they will translate that into a successful season.

Thanks to Cat Scratch Reader for the knowledge.

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