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Cowboys news: Travis Frederick is lifting weights again but return still uncertain

Travis Frederick is on the mend but there is still no definitive timetable for a return.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Long Road Left In Front Of Travis Frederick- Dallas Cowboys
Though Travis Frederick is progressing, there is still a road to recovery before playing football games.

Having at least identified the problem has at least eased his mind a bit.

“It’s hard looking forward not knowing what’s coming as far as a recovery standpoint and when I can come back, but knowing that I will get back to 100 percent at some point is certainly relieving to me,” he said.

While Frederick works toward his recovery, the Cowboys have left him on their active roster. It’s not an indication of when he’ll be back, but it is an encouraging decision. The Pro Bowler has not been far from his teammates at any point in the process, as he has attended practice and preseason games in the past two weeks.

Travis Frederick: "Can't will myself back"- Todd Archer-ESPN
As Travis Frederick prepares to miss the first game of his career, he knows that he will be back, he just doesn't know when.

“It’s difficult for me personally. For a lot of guys in this locker room, you try to push through things,” Frederick said, speaking for the first time since the diagnosis. “When you’re injured, you try and get past it. This is something I can’t just will my way through. It’s a matter of the nerves not conducting properly and not working correctly. It’s going to require some patience and some great work from our rehab staff and our strength staff to be able to just continue push forward and take what my body gives me so I can continue to improve as those things come back and then I hopefully I can take that bigger jump.”

Travis Frederick gives the latest update on his medical condition & efforts to play -RJ ochoa- Blogging The Boys
Travis Frederick has been cleared to start lifting free weights again which is pretty good news in his road to recovery from GBS.

So much of the future with Frederick is uncertain. When will he be ready to play? Will he ever? Who is going to make that decision? Is it going to be Frederick? Whoever is making it, when will it be made? The sum of it all is we don’t know and likely won’t for some time.

Frederick’s diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome took Cowboys supporters everywhere by surprise and his health remains of paramount importance in terms of priorities. Obviously we’d love to see him back on the football field, but Travis the person takes precedence over everything else.

Something of note happened on Thursday in addition to Fredrick speaking for the first time in two weeks, a bit of a clearance of sorts. An important one, it would seem.

Doctors cleared him to begin working with free weights this week.

Dallas Cowboys: Travis Frederick’s return remains unknown -Stefan Stevenson- Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Travis Frederick is relieved to know that he's on the road to recovery from Guillain-Barré syndrome.

“I’ve noticed some improvement from where I was at my worst time,” he said. “There was a very brief moment since the treatment started where we noticed that it got better. That was the sign that the diagnosis was correct and the treatment was correct and was working. But those changes were very small at first.”

5 changes to the Cowboys offense: Will rookie Michael Gallup become a go-to target in the red zone? -Brandon George- SportsDay
Can Michael Gallup be a huge red zone difference maker for the Cowboys offense as a rookie?

Almost half of Dak Prescott’s touchdown passes (21 of 45) have gone to either Bryant or Witten.

No longer can Prescott throw a fade to Bryant in the corner of the end zone or find Witten over the middle for a touchdown inside the 20.

Defenses will certainly take away Ezekiel Elliott close to the end zone and force Prescott to find other reliable red-zone targets.

Rookie receiver Michael Gallup, who has shown great leaping ability, could develop into a go-to red zone target for Prescott over time.

Notes: Why Dak Prescott Says “I Know I’ll Be Better”- Rob Phillips- Dallas Cowboys
Dak Prescott is ready to show everyone that he's still this team's franchise quarterback.

“I know I’ll be better. I’ve learned so much from last year, just moving forward. I’ve matured within the game, just learned a lot more that I didn’t know last year that I wasn’t as comfortable with: reads, my footwork, accuracy, consistency, everything.”

Prescott posted an 86.6 passer rating last year and a career-best 357 rushing yards, but his interceptions rose from only 4 as a rookie to 13 last season. He also was sacked a career-high 32 times, including 24 in the final eight games with left tackle Tyron Smith and Elliott both missing multiple games.

Cowboys vs. Panthers injury report: Kavon Frazier says he’s good to go -Dave Halprin- Blogging The Boys
The latest on injuries heading into the Cowboys vs. Panthers game.

The good news is that Kavon Frazier, even though he is listed as limited, says he’s fine for Sunday.

It looks like Jeff Heath and Frazier will be the starters at safety on Sunday, with Heath dropping back into the coverage role while Frazier prowls in the box.

Parker Ehinger sounds like he is not going to go on Sunday, read our report from earlier today.As expected, neither Travis Frederick or Datone Jones participated in today’s practice, and likely won’t for a while.

Dak Prescott said he's focused on job at hand with Cowboys, not next contract-Todd Archer- ESPN
Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott said he would not let a potential major payday after the 2018 season distract him at all this year, his focus is purely on football and winning.

‘It’s important because it’s the year I am in right now,” he said. “It’s what I have hand in hand right now and blessed to have. It’s important. It’s important for me to go out there and put on a great performance for my teammates. And that’s what I do it for, these guys in this locker room who go out there every day with me. So I feel confident about it.”

How much hype about the new-and-improved Cowboys defense is deserved? | SportsDay
The beat writers for SportsDay DFW weigh in on the topic of how improved the Cowboys defense may be.

David Moore: There’s no doubt in my mind this defense is legitimate, in part because it’s not solely based on what we’ve seen in the preseason. The Cowboys’ defense held opponents to less than 20 points in nine games last season. Opponents averaged just 12.4 points in the final five games. This group is young, physical and has good depth. The arrow, as owner Jerry Jones likes to say, is pointing up. This should be the Cowboys’ best defense since the 2009 season when it sent four players to the Pro Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys: Troy Aikman says Dez Bryant won’t be missed -Clarence Hill- Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Hall of Fame Cowboys QB Troy Aikman says Cowboys won’t miss the Dez Bryant of 2017 at all In 2018.

“The Dez from 2017 I don’t think they will miss at all,” Aikman said during a conference with local reporters leading up his broadcast of Sunday’s season opener between the Carolina Panthers. “No matter who they got coaching the receivers. I don’t think Dez was threat for most, it not all of last year. When you get one on one looks, no matter who you are as a receiver,, that is what you are looking for as a quarterback. And if you can’t beat defenders one on one then you simply can’t play in the NFL.”

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