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Jason Garrett: Randy Gregory will play regular role in defensive line rotation

The coach speaks on all things Cowboys.

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It’s Friday of game week, so Jason Garrett addressed the media one final time before the Cowboys vs. Panthers game on Sunday. (All answers from Garrett are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

The Cowboys are ready for another road game

We all know how much success the Cowboys have had on the road in recent memory, and Jason Garrett emphasized that. He talked about playing on the road, in the afternoon, at night, no matter “what the circumstances are” the Cowboys are going to do their best. Crowd noise is one challenge on the road, and they have been working on that since spring in hopes of being able to communicate well.

Kavon Frazier and Chidobe Awuzie are “progressing well”

Both defensive backs are progressing, they practiced on Thursday, and the team anticipates they will practice on Friday.

Defensive line rotations and utilizing Randy Gregory

Jason Garrett noted that the Cowboys typically rotate defensive linemen during games, but he did emphasize that you have to be aware of the game shape that people are in considering this is the season opener. He said they will have eight guys active on the defensive line and that Randy Gregory will be part of that rotation. Gregory is a young guy, Garrett noted, and he has handled what they’ve given him well so far. They were deliberate with him in the beginning and he’s progressed The head coach said the team would monitor how Gregory looked, felt, and keep progressing forward.

It doesn’t sound like the Cowboys have any sort of pitch count for Jaylon Smith last year

It’s well-chronicled how Jaylon Smith played more than the Cowboys would have liked at the beginning of last season due to the injury sustained by Anthony HItchens, but things are a lot different in 2018. Jason Garrett noted that the team isn’t concerned about Jaylon and that he’s handled everything well. This is certainly great to hear.

Sean Lee never wants to come out of the game

On the subject of being careful with players Jason Garrett noted that Sean Lee wants to play all the time. They would like for him to take some plays off, or even a series or two in a game, but he never wants to come out.

The Cowboys can learn from NASA

Jason Garrett discussed how the Cowboys had NASA representatives speak to them last week whlie in Houston and said they could learn a lot regarding what NASA has accomplished.

Imagine how many yards Ezekiel Elliott could rush for with less gravity!

Leighton Vander Esch has handled this week well, and the Cowboys want to give him chances

We haven’t seen much of Cowboys first-round pick Leighton Vander Esch, but Jason Garrett said the Cowboys do anticipate him playing in some capacity this week. The team has been careful with LVE so far and it seems like that will ripple over a bit into the regular season. He noted that LVE is a smart player and is on top of things, he just doesn’t have experience.

The Cowboys aren’t worried about penalties in the first game

The season-opener between the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles was filled with tons and tons of penalties on Thursday night. Garrett emphasized that this is something that varies from week to week, from crew to crew, and it sounds like they’re just handling their business as normal without giving it much thought.

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