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Marcus Peters’ comments about Amari Cooper were a master class of no class

Shockingly, Marcus Peters lacked class on Saturday night.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams beat the Dallas Cowboys last Saturday night. That is true and will be true no matter what. They won and to the victors go the spoils.

We’ve all been a part of trash talk at some point in our lives. Either in the lead up or aftermath of a competition (definitely some Cowboys games), we’ve all had some words to say. Again, when you win you have the right to have the last laugh.

Rams cornerback Marcus Peters did some talking on Saturday night, and he did so in a pretty classless way. Speaking with NFL Media’s Mike Silver he had some words about Amari Cooper (who he’d been in some tussles with).

Tell Coop I thought he knew us. He said he played us two times a year... that’s 12 times he played against me and (Talib). I think he got strapped tonight. He had that TD, but he didn’t do s---. (While incurring the personal foul) I choked him out. He couldn’t do nothin’. He was crying for his mama. That’s how he is. That’s why the Raiders got rid of him.

Amari Cooper finished tied with Brandin Cooks for the third-most receiving yards in the game. LA’s Robert Woods was in second and Amari’s teammate Michael Gallup was the leader as the only one on the night to break triple digits.

Michael Gallup also may or may not have been on the receiving end of Peters’ hands getting a little too close to his face mask, but hey we’re talking about facts here! Facts like Amari Cooper getting “strapped” on a night where he was the only wide receiver to score a touchdown.

Peters and Cooper do go back to their days in the AFC West when the former played for the Kansas City Chiefs and the latter the Oakland Raiders (Aqib Talib formerly played for the Denver Broncos). They certainly know each other and rivalries between cornerbacks and wide receivers run deep. We definitely saw that on Saturday night.

Early into the game Peters and Cooper were “playing” well after the whistle. It’s football, a playoff game at that, and we’re talking about two guys who were operating at high levels of energy. When you watch the video you can see clearly that Peters initiated the scuffle and then tried to play innocent afterwards. How noble and not at all wrong of him!

Just after this the Cowboys had had enough of the Rams (the last time that would be true, unfortunately) and responded with a huge touchdown... to the “strapped” Amari Cooper!

The Rams beat the Cowboys last Saturday night and as a result they are the team that gets to play for a spot in the Super Bowl. It sucks, but they earned it. Good for them.

Many Los Angeles players won with class and didn’t spew out incorrect takes like this after the contest. Don’t count Marcus Peters among them.

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