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Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones disagree whether Jerry would trade his HOF jacket for Super Bowl ring

Father and son are not on the same page.

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With the Cowboys season ending short of a bath in blue and silver confetti wrapped around the Lombardi Trophy, people are upset. That’s normal.

Fans have begun to call into question the motives of the Cowboys brain trust. The idea that Jerry Jones doesn’t care about the success of the Cowboys is a silly one but one that circles the confines of the internet anyway. Stephen Jones took to the airwaves of 105.3 The Fan on Thursday and defended his father’s ambitions.

It’s pretty bold of Stephen to claim that Jerry would cash in his gold jacket for a fourth Super Bowl ring, but there’s likely nobody that knows Jerry better than the heir to the throne. The thing is he might not know him as well as one might think.

Jerry Jones said he wouldn’t trade his HOF status for a Super Bowl ring just five months ago

During an interview with Mark Liebovich regarding his at-the-time upcoming book Big Game, Jerry Jones was asked if his gold jacket was indeed worth another Super Bowl title.

In the interest of full disclosure, Liebovich notes that Jerry had had a few drinks during the interview, but he’s also clear with what the Cowboys owner had to say.

“Would Jones trade his Gold Jacket for one of [Patriots owner] Bob Kraft’s rings? Jones was nowhere near as definitive as Kraft was on the Gold Jacket versus ring question. ‘Oh boy,’ Jones kept saying. ‘Boy. Boy! Boy! Boy! Boy.’ His face filled in a kind of sloppy and happy grimace, befitting this high-class dilemma. He suggested an alternative riddle. How about if I asked whether Jones would pay a quarter billion dollars for another Super Bowl ring? ‘Why don’t you ask me that?’ Jones proposed. ‘If you could assure me of that, you’d walk out of here with a check.’ Nope, can’t do it, I said, and repeated my question: Would he trade his Hall of Fame jacket for another ring? ‘No,’ Jones said finally. ‘No.’”

Stephen Jones was likely just trying to defend Jerry and forgot what Jerry himself said not too long ago, but it makes the duo look just a little out of sync. We have no idea whether or not the Cowboys truly would trade something material for another Super Bowl. What we know is that the way they’ve gone about trying to win one hasn’t been enough, perhaps they could trade away whatever has been holding them back.

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