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Day of reckoning; Cowboys part ways with offensive coordinator Scott Linehan

Is this, as Jerry Jones says, the start of a “new direction”?

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
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After months or even years of complaints about his offense, particularly a perceived lack of creativity and too much predictability, Scott Linehan is reportedly being dismissed as the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys.

Multiple sources are reporting this. There is no word yet on how he will be replaced.

However, there was one report that had a very hopeful element.

Although it is not entirely clear, the implication is that the sources Rapoport used are where the idea of the new direction comes from. If that is true, and not just a projection on the author’s part, then this is something we have been hoping for.

Fans and media alike were becoming increasingly frustrated with formations that tipped the defense, a stubborn insistence on focusing on the run game when offenses in the NFL are successfully trending away from that, not fully utilizing the skill set of Dak Prescott, and a perception that Linehan had too much power in the organization. It certainly appears that the top staff has finally conceded that a change was needed, if not long overdue. And according to one reporter, this was something that was motivated by other voices within the Star.

It sounds like Linehan had lost the faith of his players. That may be the most important factor in all this, as keeping the locker room behind him has been one of the hallmarks of Jason Garrett’s tenure in Dallas. While he is not going to let his players run things, Garrett likely has a good feel for the tone of things on his roster, and may have realized that Linehan was no longer in a position to be productive, and could soon be a real divisive element.

Now the big question is who will take his place. Stay tuned for the latest developments.

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