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Dallas Cowboys tight end Blake Jarwin named NFC Offensive Player of the Week after dominating Giants

All he does is Jar-Win.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The playoffs have started which means that the regular season is officially behind us (where did the time go?). Week 17 was a blast for a few teams, the Cowboys among them thanks to their surprisingly-riveting game against the Giants.

Dak Prescott was one of the headlining acts in New York but the main star was without question Blake Jarwin. The Cowboys got historic production from their tight end as he hauled in seven catches for 119 yards and a hat trick’s worth of touchdowns. His day was good enough for NFC Offensive Player of the Week to close out the regular season.

This is certainly one of the more surprising accolades that any member of the Cowboys has picked up over the season. Imagine at any point over the last few months learning that Blake Jarwin would be the one to lock it down. It’s insane. But to be fair we’re talking about a 10-6 team that at one point sat at 3-5 after one of the uglier losses in it’s coach’s era.

The Cowboys could begin to be using tight ends more effectively moving forward

Part of Blake’s big day could be just a matter of coincidence. Maybe it was just the right day for everything to crystallize in his direction, or maybe it can be attributed to something else. Perhaps this was more of a design than anything and the Cowboys are finally realizing that using tight ends in the middle of the field is important. Who would have thought that?

You can see that in game’s prior to Sunday the Cowboys have been intentional about tight ends living exclusively outside of the middle of the field. On Sunday we saw Blake post up there route after route and the results speak for themselves.

Is this the beginning of something new for Dallas? Did they unlock the safe and was Blake Jarwin the key? There’s definitely hope that we’re only scratching the surface here as a weapon at the tight end spot is something this offense has sorely needed.

The Cowboys wanted momentum heading into the playoffs, and Blake Jarwin is the NFC’s Offensive Player of the Week. If momentum is indeed acquirable, they’ve certainly got it.

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