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Who the Cowboys select as offensive coordinator could say a lot about Jason Garrett’s job security

Reading tea leaves.

Divisional Round - Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The fact that the Dallas Cowboys are looking for a new offensive coordinator is a very big deal.

Throughout his tenure Jason Garrett has rarely made a move of this size. When it has come to moving on from coordinators, whether offensive or defensive, he and the Cowboys have typically phased them out as opposed to outright firing them. Just ask Monte Kiffin, Bill Callahan, and maybe even Rod Marinelli as to how that feels.

Such is not the case with Scott Linehan. While the Cowboys say they “mutually parted ways” with the former OC, they fired him, and that’s indicative that things reached a point where that was necessary.

Now the Cowboys are looking to fill the void at offensive coordinator and a lot of names have emerged. A lot of them would be in-house promotions if Dallas went that route, but of course they could choose to swim in waters that as of now are more unknown to them.

Staying in house would say a lot about Jason Garrett’s job security

During his press conference on Monday following the season ending in Los Angeles, Jason Garrett publicly said that neither he nor his representation had any discussions with the Jones family about a possible extension for him as the head coach of the Cowboys. There have been many reports that the team is going to work on this over the offseason, 2019 is the final year of his current deal, but until they do the fact remains that they haven’t.

The Cowboys fired Scott Linehan for a reason, maybe it was to be a fall guy of sorts but a reason nonetheless. If they were to promote one of their own to the now-vacant position (Doug Nussmeier, Sanjay Lal, or Kellen Moore) then what would it say about their “new” philosophy on offense? Would it really be supremely fresh if they were hiring a former disciple of the man they handed walking papers to?

What’s more is if the Cowboys were to promote Kellen Moore specifically. It’s possible that Kellen could be the NFL’s next great offensive mind and maybe the Cowboys believe this, but promoting him would be insanely bold. It’s apparently a real possibility and what would it say if Jason Garrett hired a first-year play-caller who was just in the league himself two years ago? Hitching your wagon to such a fresh face might say that you aren’t exactly worried about the season ahead defining your career.

Nobody believes that Jason Garrett doesn’t want to win the Super Bowl next season; however, if he hires someone who is a bit of a retread as far as Scott Linehan is concerned that would say a lot about just how much the Cowboys want to deviate from who they’ve been. It would say even more if they hired someone so raw as they clearly wouldn’t be operating in a “the time is now” sort of mentality.

This is all a very new process for Jason Garrett. Will it yield new or more of the same? That’s the most important question of all.

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