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Eyes on the enemy: Eagles players reportedly view Carson Wentz as “selfish” and “egotistical”

Trouble may be brewing with a Cowboys division rival.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles are a division rival, and in 2018 an inferior one, of the Dallas Cowboys. Thankfully, their year as Super Bowl Champions is about to be unseated by a new team on the throne.

As Cowboys fans it’s a lot of fun to openly talk trash and mock the Eagles. This was certainly more true this season because Dallas swept Philadelphia (in case you missed it, the Cowboys swept the Eagles). We give each other a hard time because that’s what rivals do.

All that being said what happens to the Eagles (as well as the Giants and Redskins) is always of significance because the Cowboys season is always impacted by it. What’s happening with the Eagles these days might not be so great for them which wouldn’t exactly make us sad. There are talks that Eagles players think Carson Wentz is one arrogant dude.

His aw-shucks, overgrown-Opie-from-Mayberry routine plays well with the local and national media. Indeed, sources describe Wentz as “incredibly hard working,” “determined,” and “highly intelligent.” But the true Wentz is more nuanced and complicated, with sources describing him as “selfish,” “uncompromising,” “egotistical,” one who plays “favorites” and doesn’t like to be “questioned,” one who needs to “practice what he preaches” and fails “to take accountability.”

Numerous sources confirmed Wentz was once verbally attacked by a highly respected teammate for not being “a team guy.”

Carson Wentz’s biggest enemy is Carson Wentz,” one source said. “He’s had his ass kissed his whole life, and sometimes acts like he’s won 10 Super Bowls, when he hasn’t played in, let alone won, a playoff game yet. Everyone around him wants good things for him. He did more thinking on the field than he did playing (in 2018). You don’t have to be a brain surgeon or a football expert to see how differently this team plays and reacts with one guy as opposed to the other.”

It makes perfect sense that Carson Wentz would feel insecure

Nobody here wants to empathize with anybody that plays in Philadelphia, but the truth is we can all understand that it’s probably been pretty difficult to be Wentz over the last year and change. He was drafted to bring the city of Philadelphia, one of the more rabid sports towns in the country, their first ever Super Bowl and he literally had to watch someone else do it and receive all the fanfare that accompanied it. That would suck a lot.

What’s more is Wentz had to do it again this past season when Nick Foles led the Eagles to the playoffs. Questions as to who was better for the team were rightly asked and Eagles players were erecting shrines to Foles for crying out loud. That would wear on anybody.

The truth is that the situation with the Eagles quarterbacks is very complicated, a matter we remember all too well as Cowboys fans during the 2016 days of Tony Romo and Dak Prescott. What was different for us back then is that there weren’t reports of one of the two being described as “uncompromising” by his teammates. Team chemistry was never in jeopardy.

For what it’s worth, various Eagles players have rallied to his defense, but the report describes a culture where Wentz is continually built up and backed up; how much does people defending him really tell us? If you’ve watched the Eagles you know that their offense moves, for lack of a better word, differently with Foles commanding it which does make you stroke your chin at some of the things the writer here lays out.

The truth is an implosion from the Eagles because of drama with the quarterback that they traded up for and his status within the franchise is something that Cowboys fans would take all day, every day. As we’re in the offseason now for both teams all that’s left to do is sit on hands, talk, and think. There will be an awful lot of thinking for the Eagles as they’ll have to figure out how to handle a player that some of his teammates describe like this.

It will be interesting to watch.

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