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Jerry Jones said an awful lot without saying much about potential offensive coordinator options

When Jerry speaks you better listen.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve arrived at Senior Bowl week and the Dallas Cowboys don’t have an offensive coordinator. Thankfully the Senior Bowl is one of the events on the NFL calendar that coaches and scouts flock to which means Dallas can talk to different people.

Speaking of talking, Jerry Jones did some of that himself on Tuesday. There have been all sorts of rumblings as to changes and speculations on his offensive staff and he absolutely cleared that up injected a little bit more intrigue.

The Cowboys aren’t in any hurry to fill the spot

As mentioned, we’re already at the Senior Bowl so the scouting process for the 2019 NFL Draft is well underway. Before we know it it’ll be free agency but none of that means that the Cowboys are “in a hurry” to fill the void at OC.

Again, there have been a lot of rumors and reports about what the Cowboys could do. It seems like none of that is official as of January 22nd because Jerry Jones said it wasn’t. If Jerry said it, well it’s obviously true, right?

Jon Kitna is definitely joining the staff... but his role is TBD

The team already had former Cowboys quarterbacks on their coaching staff in Jason Garrett and Kellen Moore (more on him, no pun intended, in a moment) and they’ve seemingly added a third leg to the tripod in Jon Kitna. What will Kitna do? Um, well, we don’t know.

Jon Kitna has spent some time coaching high school football, and in terms of recent news had signed on the the Alliance of American Football’s San Diego Fleet as their offensive coordinator. He’s definitely a mind that can help Dak Prescott and Co. so having him around, however that is, is a good thing.

What will Jason Garrett be doing in 2019? “More or less,” what?

It stands to reason that Jason Garrett will be more involved in the Cowboys offensive game plan, what with the firing of Scott Linehan and all. While this may make sense what Jerry Jones said specifically about Garrett doesn’t seem to. He will be “more or less” involved.

How does Jerry Jones, the all-knowing man of the Cowboys, not know if his head coach is going to be MORE or LESS involved in the offense at this point in the offseason? Maybe that answer depends on who they decide will be the offensive coordinator

You should probably bet on the offensive coordinator coming from within

There are many names that have been tossed out as potential offensive coordinators for the Cowboys and a lot of them have been ones that already have offices at The Star in Frisco. It’s quite possible that the Cowboys could promote from within when it comes to their new head of the offense and, in fact, it seems likely.

Keep names like Doug Nussmeier and Kellen Moore at the front of your brain. Brace yourselves.

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