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Cole Beasley’s targets per game post-Amari Cooper are the second-highest of his whole seasons in the NFL

Let’s examine what Cole Beasley is talking about.

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We’re only in the second week of the offseason and we’ve already got some public comments from a Dallas Cowboys wide receiver that don’t exactly look great. Living in the Twitter age can have that effect.

Last year it was Dez Bryant and Brice Butler that let the world hear their thoughts, these days it’s Cole Beasley. Time sure does fly.

The Saucemaster took exception with the way that he was used this season, calling out the Cowboys front office for having a hand in the way that targets are distributed. It’s true that the Cowboys FO did orchestrate a trade for Amari Cooper in the middle of the season and that obviously changed the way the rest of the receivers were used in the passing game, but the entire world knew how necessary a dynamic wideout was at the time and Dallas was proven correct by Cooper’s dominance.

All of this seemed to come out of nowhere for Beasley. Sure it’s been some time since he was pouring sauce on a much more frequent basis, but to come out and imply that the front office is pushing targets in a direction that isn’t his? It’s weird.

Cole Beasley’s targets per game post-Amari were the second-most he’s ever seen in his career

The Cowboys played seven games without Amari Cooper in 2018 and maybe Cole got used to the uptick in targets. Looking at the rest of his career though things were relatively the same post-Amari as they were from 2012-2017.

Cole Beasley Average Targets Per Game:

  • 2012: 2.4
  • 2013: 3.9
  • 2014: 3.1
  • 2015: 4.7
  • 2016: 6.1
  • 2017: 4.2
  • 2018 Pre-Amari: 6.1
  • 2018 Post-Amari: 4.9
(playoffs not included)

It should also be noted that Cole Beasley was targeted the exact same number of times as Amari Cooper during both the Indianapolis and Tampa Bay games. That’s two of the nine games that Cooper was part of the Cowboys for meaning he, the top receiver on the team, only saw more targets on seven occasions. Twice Beasley was just as “valued.”

Beasley also had some words specifically about the subjects of Cooper and targets in the Twittersphere. It’s hard to tell what emotion he’s feeling at this exact moment, but for whatever reason at the very least he obviously feels like talking about it.

Beasley is clearly saying that he got the same targets pre- and post-Amari (although this isn’t true) which brings up the question... why is he saying he hasn’t been a huge priority when he was at a higher priority after Amari arrived than he ever was during his first six seasons with the team?

Beasley is definitely used in two-minute situations more than anything

Where Beasley is absolutely right is in saying that he sees a significant uptick in targets in two-minute situations. When the going gets tough, the Cowboys are typically looking for their elite slot weapon.

It’s fair to imagine that someone in that situation would feel slighted. You continually prove yourself when the pressure is highest yet you’re not looked upon in designed situations. Cowboys fans implored the team to use Beasley more throughout the season but for whatever reason they didn’t.

Considering Beasley is looked to when things “aren’t planned” that would seem to indicate that if anybody is aware of what he can do that it’s certainly Dak Prescott. For what it’s worth this is a sentiment that Beasley agrees with.

This whole things feels weird. Cole Beasley randomly decided to call out the Cowboys front office on a Tuesday afternoon and hours later he was dropping eye emojis when the subject of playing in Green Bay came up. The writing on the wall seems to suggest that he could be moving on this season as many have suggested.

Whatever ultimately happens with Cole Beasley, including returning to the Cowboys, it doesn’t change that he has given his all to this team for seven years now. There have been many good times and all we can do is hope that there are more ahead. Fingers crossed.

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