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Cole Beasley (again): “EVERY team’s gameplan in pro sports is dictated by the front office.”

Cole Beasley amends his comments with more context.

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Cole Beasley took to the always-understanding place of Twitter on Tuesday, and when he did he caused quite a stir.

This is the world in 2019. If you’re an athlete or public figure the words you say are going to generate reactions from a lot of people. Beasley is a longtime veteran of the Dallas Cowboys and knows this quite well.

Beasley made it a point to say that the targets on the Cowboys are determined by the front office. Here is his original tweet (there were a few others afterwards) plus what he put out on Wednesday after almost 24 hours of it cycling around.

This was a confusing point as it’s not necessarily borne out by the statistics. The Cowboys traded for Amari Cooper and that changed the way all of their receivers were used, that’s the only influence that the front office had.

It wasn’t just fans of the Dallas Cowboys that reacted to Cole’s thoughts, and it wasn’t even just media members. The aforementioned front office themselves had some thoughts as Stephen Jones appeared on the Rich Eisen Show on Wednesday. Here’s what he had to say.

I would hope that’s just his frustration. That’s certainly not at all the case. We don’t get involved in that. The only thing we ever do is decide if we’re going to pay players a lot of money or we’re going to trade for players and give up big picks. And we certainly hope that they would be involved if we’re going to do things like that, that there’s a reason we’re doing it, that they’re going to be involved. But we would never dictate where balls go or things of that nature in terms of the game plan and getting involved with what our coaching staff does to get ready to play a ballgame.

And certainly of all people Cole’s always involved in getting balls and getting catches, you know he’s been just an integral part of what we’re about. Certainly he made a lot of big catches and key catches in games that we’ve won and had success with.

Beasley saying most recently that he’s not mad and that he just wants to help his team win is great to see, but it doesn’t exactly wipe away his original comments. He is going to be a free agent this offseason and he’s completely entitled to explore whatever options he feels best benefit him, he should be encouraged to do so, this all just feels like a walk-back of sorts.

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