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Cowboys draft target: Georgia State’s WR Penny Hart continues to dominate at Reese’s Senior Bowl

Get to know Georgia State WR Penny Hart.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Cowboys look to address the slot receiver position in the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft. Cole Beasley has been pretty vocal on social media recently about his role in the offense, and frustrations with the Dallas’ front office. With all of that coming out, plus Beasley likely demanding a big contract, Dallas is going to be looking long and hard at these slot receivers at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

If they’ve been watching, they should be impressed. Georgia State’s WR Penny Hart has been absolutely brilliant so far in two practices in Mobile. Hart measured 5’8”, weighed 180-lbs, had 8 7/8” hands, and 31 3/8” arms during the official weigh in’s on Tuesday, and since he stepped on that stage he’s had growing buzz surrounding his name. Hart has been torturing defensive backs with his short-area quickness, change of direction skills, and lower body explosion in and out of his breaks, which has made him practically unguardable working in 1-on-1’s. Working against some of the better cornerbacks and safety prospects here, Hart has won it seems every single one of his reps no matter who the opposing defender was.

Most questions regarding Penny Hart’s game were around the level of competition he faced at Georgia State, but those questions are being addressed through two days of practice. The other question was if his catch radius, and true athletic ability, would hurt him against that tougher competition but so far he looks to be one of the most athletic/explosive receivers here in and out of his breaks, and has been one of the more consistent receivers catching the football up-and-away from his frame.

Other folks did have some questions about his ability to make a difference in the receiving game in the deeper third of the field, and not just the short to intermediate portion of the field. Similar to the stuff underneath, Hart has been creating easy separation in the deeper third of the field with his burst off the line of scrimmage and at the top of his routes at his initial break. Hart is also a very flexible receiver in his hips and legs which allows him to sink and bend in ways that some receivers simply cannot.

Penny Hart texted me late last night and let me know that the Dallas Cowboys have met with him “multiple” times throughout the week at the Senior Bowl, and he has a feeling both guys have mutual interest. The Cowboys may be needing an explosive slot receiver that can consistently get open, and showcase reliable hands in clutch situations. Penny Hart is that guy.

There are a few other intriguing slot options here in Mobile; UMass’s Andy Isabella, Clemson’s Hunter Renfrow, and North Carolina State’s Jakobi Meyers have also played well this week, but so far, Georgia State’s Penny Hart has been far-and-away the best receiver here.

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