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It’s been 23 years since the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl

The Cowboys will spend 2019 trying to end the drought.

Super Bowl XXX: Pittsburgh Steelers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

It’s Monday, January 28th and in 2019 that means festivities are beginning in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII (I’m here if you are and want to hit me up!). Two decades and change ago that meant something very different, something we’re all quite fond of.

January 28th, 1996 was the last time that the Dallas Cowboys hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl victory. It was their third in four years, an established dynasty, and a great bit of revenge over the hated Pittsburgh Steelers. Those were the days.

It’s a bit unfortunate to consider where Super Bowl history stands these days compared to when it did when XXX ended. At the time, the Cowboys owned five of 30 titles and had appeared in eight. Imagine that, Dallas had appeared in over a quarter of all Super Bowls.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys have been caught by both the Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers as far as appearances go, and the New England Patriots have passed everybody thanks to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Time can be cruel in that regard, here’s to it being kinder to us in the future!

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