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Apparently Tony Romo considered returning to the Cowboys after the 2016 season

The return of Tony Romo would have been quite the story.

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AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We’re smack dab in the middle of the week leading up to Super Bowl LIII. It’s one of the most intense seven days on the NFL calendar. Worlds collide and minds meet up.

It’s a big week for former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo as he’s calling Sunday’s game with Jim Nantz on CBS (rumors say he is apparently being considered for head coaching opportunities). The 2018 season was Romo’s second in the booth and the first time that the Super Bowl cycled to CBS while he donned a blazer. He’s coming off of a great call in the AFC Championship so the world is abuzz with all things Antonio Ramiro.

Monday saw Sports Illustrated take us behind the scenes at exactly how Romo got the job with CBS. It’s a fascinating process, but one of the more interesting pieces is that when considering all of his options following the 2016 season... Romo considered returning to the Cowboys.

With pleasantries exchanged after Romo arrived, McManus guided the conversation. Where is your head at, he asked. If you had to decide today, what’re you thinking?

Romo responded that he was still very much in the decision-making process. He had options. A return to Dallas was still in play, as was a trade. But he was obviously open to moving on, too. He wouldn’t have taken the meeting otherwise.

This would have made for quite the interesting decision for the Cowboys. They were fresh off of a loss in the Divisional Round against the Green Bay Packers with Dak Prescott having just won Offensive Rookie of the Year and cemented himself as the team’s starting quarterback. What would have happened had Romo chosen to return to the team (assuming they were fine with that)?

The days of that offseason feel like so long ago in some respects, but it’s not hard to remember that Romo was quite wanted. CBS obviously came calling but there were teams that were seemingly interested in him as a starting option had he wanted to keep playing, why would he have decided to return as a backup?

We’ll obviously never know what would have happened if Romo had returned to the Cowboys for the 2017 season. What we do know is that on Sunday he’ll call the Super Bowl with Wade Phillips coaching in it and we’ll all feel just a little older.

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