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Tony Romo: I’m sure one day I’ll coach

Could Coach Romo be coming to a team in the future?

Baltimore Ravens v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

This is one of the biggest weeks of Tony Romo’s life as he’s getting ready to call Super Bowl LIII on CBS with Jim Nantz. We found out earlier in the week that he almost returned to the Cowboys after the 2016 season, but that’s the past, what does the future for Romo hold?

Many have championed Romo returning to the Cowboys, but not in the way you think (well, probably that, too). During his days in the booth Romo has shown the world just how well he can diagnose things happening on a football field. That sounds like the job of a coach.

This is how people want to see Romo come back, the Cowboys do have an opening at offensive coordinator after all. It’s totally possible that Romo could one day become a great coach, but we don’t know whether he would or not. It’s a difficult profession.

Whatever you think of the possibilities of Romo wearing a headset just know, they’re a little bit more than possibilities. While he won’t be helping the 2019 Cowboys by any means it does seem like he has that itch and could one day try to scratch it.

How long do you think until Romo wants out of the booth?

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