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Report: Jerry Jones won’t extend Jason Garrett for short or long term, 2019 will be contract year

There will be no extension for Jason Garrett this offseason.

Much has been made about how 2019 is the last year of Jason Garrett’s contract as the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. While we heard some reports and murmurings near the end of the season that the team would consider extending him over the offseason, you can put all of those talks to bed. There will be no extension per a report.

This isn’t exactly shocking news if you’ve been paying attention over the last few weeks, as erratic as the Cowboys have been, but it is still a little jarring. For Jerry Jones to come out during the week leading up to the Super Bowl when there is so much going on (including things in Dallas with the NBA, Mavericks, and Kristaps Porzingis) is quite the statement.

News of Jerry’s intent not to extend Jason Garrett trickled out just hours after the team announced that Kellen Moore would be serving as the team’s offensive coordinator this season. While Dallas didn’t say who would be calling plays for them, they are giving Garrett a first-year coordinator. As talented as Moore could wind up being, that is quite the corner to paint the head coach into.

Many Cowboys fans have wanted this for some time, for Jason Garrett to have to coach with his job on the line. He did so during the 2014 season which was one of the best of his career. Five years later Jerry isn’t hiding anything, his message is loud and clear.

It’s now or never.

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