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Looking ahead at reasons Kris Richard could stay with, or leave, the Cowboys

We may be thinking playoffs, but we can also keep an eye on the Kris Richard situation,

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The Dallas Cowboys have one of the hottest names in coaching under their supervision, secondary coach and passing game coordinator Kris Richard.

Of course, Richard is more than that for the Cowboys. He’s essentially their defensive coordinator it’s just that Rod Marinelli’s office is the one that reads that in title. Dallas has handled things on that side of the ball a little unconventionally this season and its yielded some pretty impressive results. They’re about to play a playoff game for goodness sake.

As a result of the impact he’s produced, Kris Richard is being considered by various NFL teams for their head coaching vacancies. So far we know that the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers all have interest. For what it’s worth, the Cowboys play two of those in 2019 if you’re looking ahead.

Staying in the moment, full disclosure here, my own personal opinion is that Kris Richard ends up leaving. It’s possible that Dallas offers him the defensive coordinator position in title with a Texas-sized raise to go along with it, but if you have the opportunity to be a head coach you take it. Obviously a lot of things go into that decision like, I don’t know, what Kris Richard wants in life, but speaking from a practical perspective I’d bet my bottom dollar that he’s elsewhere next season.

It is definitely possible that Kris Richard stays with the Cowboys in 2019

While I disagree, it’s easy to entertain the idea that Richard could choose not to leave the Cowboys because, well, anything is possible. Maybe he really likes what he’s got going on, maybe he doesn’t see any of the three teams mentioned as the right fit for him at this current point in time, there are any number of reasons why he could say no. We all know that.

The “Jerry will just pay him to stay” argument hasn’t been one that I’ve bought myself but a lot of people have brought it up in these discussions. Yes, it’s true that Jason Garrett himself was a Cowboys coordinator who chose not to take a head coach job that he could have had and stayed in Dallas after getting a raise himself, but a head coaching job outweighs that in my mind. Head coaches aren’t paid poorly either.

The Cowboys kept a defensive mind that teams liked before, very recently even

An interesting perspective on this whole situation was raised by ESPN’s Jenna Laine who covers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that are one of the teams interested in Richard. She notes what has been mentioned a lot in that the Cowboys do their best to keep those that they like around.

What was particularly interesting was that Laine brought up somebody else that the Buccaneers have recently tried to lure away from the Cowboys, somebody who currently has the title that Kris Richard performs to a degree - Rod Marinelli.

It feels like it’s been a while, but the days of Monte Kiffin as the team’s defensive coordinator with Rod Marinelli actually calling the shots weren’t too long ago. When that went down the Cowboys adjusted and managed to keep Marinelli in town, the very same is possible with Richard. The obvious difference in situations is that Marinelli was much older then than Richard is now, Richard is in the prime of his career versus the tail end of it.

If the Cowboys are able to hold on to Kris Richard it makes sense that he’ll have received two things: a pay raise and the title of defensive coordinator. It seems extremely unlikely that he wouldn’t leave if offered a head coach position and that didn’t happen, but again anything is possible. The Buccaneers might not be a team that Richard fancies all too much but maybe the Jets or Dolphins are. We simply don’t know the way his mind works other than that it recognized the supreme talent of somebody like Byron Jones.


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