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Dak Prescott is the leader the Dallas Cowboys need and they will follow him wherever he takes them

Dak has it.

We spent so much of the week leading up to the New York Giants game talking about something intangible, if it even exists, in momentum.

Football has these sorts of things though, that’s fair to understand. When you’re talking about a game built for gladiators it’s understandable that emotion plays a big factor in it if you let it. Make no mistake about it the Dallas Cowboys let emotion play a big factor in who they are and that emotion is their quarterback - Dak Prescott.

Dak has a lot of things. He’s got legs to move, he has issues with accuracy, but more than anything he has it. It’s hard to qualify exactly what it is, I think Stephen King once tried, but whatever it is lives in Dak Prescott. Look at how he beat the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs for crying out loud.

There’s no doubt that Dak is a grown-ass man (in the words of Ezekiel Elliott of course), but more than anything he is a leader. He’s the leader of the Dallas Cowboys. They go where he goes. They ride with him. They fight for him. They follow him.

This seems apparent from the way the Cowboys swarm to his side after big plays and tough runs but it is a force that could not be contained in the locker room following the game. Dallas was beaming with pride for the youngest signal-caller to win a playoff game in team history and they let the world know it.

Here’s what various Cowboys had to say about Dak Prescott and Dak’s performance.

Ezekiel Elliott: Legendary. He came out there and made plays when we needed him, especially in the running game. Whenever you see a quarterback run like that and break tackles, he’s done it a couple of times this year, it’s really tough on the defense. Dak came out there and he played his tail off today.

Joe Looney: He’s a leader. He’s the leader of this team, that’s why he has that ‘C’ on his jersey. He’s our captain. He’s our leader.

Joe Looney on Dak’s run specifically: It just shows his toughness, his competitiveness. Any time you got a guy like that in your corner good things can happen.

Jaylon Smith: Dak’s a monster. We believe in him, every bit of the way. Good plays, bad plays, Dak is amazing and we love him.

Byron Jones: He’s gutsy man. He’s gutsy. He’s one of the best in the game. That’s why I love him. Diving head first for touchdowns and first downs, you can’t beat that.

Jason Garrett: He’s just a rare guy. His leadership, his toughness, just his way, his spirit it’s like none other. Somehow, someway he was going to figure this thing out for us.

Dak earned a lot of stock on Saturday night and it’s fair considering his performance. He laid it all on the line and helped the Cowboys win a playoff game. That’s noteworthy no matter what the other circumstances are.

Nobody is really capable of defining what it is but two things are absolutely certain regarding it:

  1. Dak Prescott has it
  2. All of the Dallas Cowboys know it, and they charge into any battle behind his command

This is the type of quarterback you dream of, it’s a Disney movie waiting to happen. Dak Prescott is a leader of men and is going to find a way to get the job done when the job needs to get done.

Maybe that’s what it is.

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