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Get your “Two Spoons” playoff t-shirt right here! Eat or be ate!

The playoffs require two spoons.

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Everybody knows that Ezekiel Elliott will eat all of the yards that you put in front of him. He’s eaten more yards than anyone else in two of his three seasons in the NFL, he’s collecting rushing crowns at quite the rate.

Zeke was feasting on Saturday night when the Cowboys beat the Seahawks in the playoffs (what a beautiful sentence) and in doing so he did something a bit different. His signature celebration featured not the normal one spoon that he motions to feed himself, but two. He doubled up.

According to Zeke the playoffs require two spoons. That makes sense since things are a little bit more epic with the whole “win or go home” mentality hovering in the air. To celebrate this newfound mantra we have t-shirts so that you too can rock the double spoon life.


Shirts are $26 and range from size small to triple extra large. BreakingT makes really soft shirts so you can rest assured that you’ll be quite comfortable.

The two spoon life is a great one. Let’s hope it continues for a while.

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