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Cowboys were highest-scoring team on Wildcard Weekend, only home team to win

In a shocking twist, the Cowboys offense was the king of Wild Card Weekend.

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We’ve got a week of NFL playoff action under our belts and four teams are moving on to the divisional round. Such is life.

The Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Chargers, and Philadelphia Eagles all emerged victorious from the wildcard round. They all actually wore white jerseys if you’re looking for a common denominator. Dallas will wear white against the Los Angeles Rams if that makes you feel even better.

Speaking of the Cowboys (we do that from time to time), did you know that they were the only team over the weekend that successfully defended their home stadium? Every other division winner fell at the hands of a wildcard team but the Cowboys managed to power through.

What’s more is that the Cowboys weren’t just the only successful division winner from Wildcard Weekend, they were the highest scoring team of all eight.

Points Scored in Wildcard Weekend:

This single piece of information doesn’t exactly tell us much but it is interesting to reflect upon. The Cowboys are considered to have one of the lesser offenses in the tournament and they still managed to put up the most points.

Both the Chargers and Eagles were taking on elite defenses in Baltimore and Chicago and they were obviously limited to a small degree. Things will likely be different this week when the Chiefs, Patriots, Saints, and Rams (hopefully not) are involved. The NFL tends to work that way.

Confidence is high with the Cowboys but it’s for reasons other than the fact that they won at home or scored more points than some other teams. Do you feel like things are trending in the right direction, though? Do you feel like the Cowboys are on the right track?

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