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The 2019 Cowboys offense is operating at a historic franchise level through their first five games

The Cowboys offense is piling up the stats.

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

A lot has been said about the Dallas Cowboys offense this week (interestingly by the New Orleans Saints of all people). When you fall down 31-3 in a game people are going to notice.

The truth is, though, that from a statistical perspective the 2019 Dallas Cowboys are operating at a high frequency. We saw this team perform very well during their first three games and while they’ve lost the last two, they have seen some offensive success, too.

Obviously the game against the aforementioned Saints wasn’t one that lit up the scoreboard for the Cowboys. While a lot of it came in what many are qualifying as garbage time the Cowboys did manage to do some box score damage one week later against the Green Bay Packers. That point is evidenced by the fact that Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper both had career days.

Amari Cooper has done something that no Cowboy has before him

It’s unfortunate that Amari Cooper was involved in a game-defining interception because we would otherwise be talking about an all-time performance. He had 226 receiving yards and while that might not seem like a big deal, it’s the second time that he’s eclipsed 200 yards receiving in a single game with the Cowboys.

Amari Cooper became the first player in Dallas Cowboys history to have multiple games with 200+ yards receiving. The first ever. That’s pretty noteworthy.

Cooper has been dynamite since joining the Cowboys and while it hasn’t recently, that’s mostly translated into wins for the team. In fact, these last two weeks are the first time that Dallas has lost consecutive games with Amari Cooper on the team. It feels fair to trust that they’ll right the ship soon.

Overall the Cowboys offense is operating at a historic rate

On the subject of the Cowboys offense as a whole, this is literally the best version of it that we’ve ever seen in franchise history based on net yards. It might not feel like it, but it’s true.

The Cowboys are gaining loads and loads of yards this season, so much so, that they’ve picked up more through a season’s first five games than any team that’s come before them.

Most net yards by a Dallas Cowboys offense through a season’s first five games:

  • 2019 (3-2)............... 2,264
  • 1966 (4-0-1)............ 2,173
  • 2007 (5-0)............... 2,148
  • 2009 (3-2)............... 2,102
  • 1976 (5-0)............... 2,067

As you can see, most of the other teams had better records through the season’s first five games, in fact three of them were undefeated. The 2009 Cowboys had the same record as the team does a decade later, and we all know how that season worked out... the first playoff win in the Tony Romo (and Wade Phillips) era.

Hopefully the Cowboys offense continues to churn out yardage while the team finds a way to get back in the win column. Considering that they’re playing the New York Jets this week they’ve got pretty good odds of doing that soon.

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