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Two losses in a row has seen confidence plummet for Dallas Cowboys fans

Winning cures all.

Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Things haven’t gone the right way for the Dallas Cowboys over the last two weeks, that’s evidenced by the fact that they lost both of their games over that stretch.

Everybody wants to see the Cowboys win and that’s why seeing them lose, especially with a lot of self-induced errors, is frustrating. Frustration often tends to be accompanied by disappointment and with all of that there is a general dwindling of faith.

Such is the case for the second week in a row when it comes to Dallas Cowboys fans. SB Nation’s FanPulse tool tracks confidence for every fan base, sign up right here for Cowboys FanPulse, and the Cowboys have seen their fans lose a significant amount of confidence since their last win almost three weeks ago.

Sports tend to produce quick reactions from fan bases which is why if you look at any FanPulse results you’ll see jumps and falls from every one that mirror their team winning or losing. Considering the fact that the Cowboys lost by such a wide margin it makes sense to be disappointed, but to fall this low on a team that is still 3-2 and showing legitimate signs of a good team, this is quite the dip down.

Cowboy fans confidence at various points
  • End of season: 65%
  • Free agency: 57%
  • Pre-draft: 79%
  • Post-draft: 76%
  • Preseason Week 1: 68%
  • Week 1: 78%
  • Week 2: 94%
  • Week 3: 96%
  • Week 4: 95%
  • Week 5: 65%
  • Week 6: 22%

This is about as low as Cowboys fans have ever felt since FanPulse became a thing (this is the second season where it’s been in place). Cowboys fans also had a 22% confidence at Week 2 of the 2018 season and had were as low as 5% at Week 6 of last year.

A football season is a long process and one that brings with it may ebbs and flows. Assuming the Cowboys get a win against the New York Jets on Sunday things will bounce back, but the next true test will come next Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Taking a look at confidence across the division

Speaking of the Eagles, it’s worth taking a look at the rest of the NFC East. Philadelphia is riding high off of a two-game winning streak, the New York Giants experienced the first loss in the Daniel Jones era, and the Washington Redskins just fired their head coach. That’s a variety of ways to feel.

It’s also worth looking at the confidence of New York Jets fans considering that’s who the Cowboys play this week. They’ve been in a pit of misery since their season began, but getting their quarterback surely has to help, right?

We’ll see what next week brings with it.

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