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Report: Amari Cooper officially has thigh bruise, no indication of long-term damage

A piece of good news from the very bad Cowboys @ Jets game.very

Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys operated without plenty of their star players during their loss to the New York Jets, that’s not an excuse, simply a statement of fact.

When you’re down your top two tackles and slot receiver matters are going to be difficult on offense. What’s more is the Cowboys were dealing with a not-so-100% Amari Cooper as he had a quad injury surface after last week’s loss to the Green Bay Packers. It was so bad that it removed him from the game early.

It turns out that Cooper was/is actually dealing with a thigh bruise, according to NFL Network. This is apparently something that is quite painful but won’t keep him out for long. That’s good news.

Amari Cooper is essential to the Cowboys offense in general, but especially when they were already down some of their best players. You don’t have to look far to consider life without him, look at who the Cowboys were over the first half of last season.

Dallas has a huge game on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles and are going to need all hands on deck. Hopefully, Amari Cooper is well enough to contribute by then.

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