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BTB Play of the Game: Ezekiel Elliott helped set up Dak Prescott’s rushing touchdown

Zeke led the way for Dak.

For the second week in a row, the Dallas Cowboys fell behind early in their game and were forced to mount a comeback.

Down by eight with 47 seconds remaining on the clock, the Cowboys had first and goal on the 4-yard line. They came out in 3x1 formation with trips to the right, a single receiver spread out to the left and Dak Prescott in the shotgun with Ezekiel Elliott to his left.

The play is Quarterback Draw. The offensive line pass sets and Prescott takes a step back and looks to wide receiver Michael Gallup on the left side, but there is no disguising Elliott’s intentions.

Elliott charges up into the A-Gap and engages with the rookie linebacker Blake Cashman.

There are three linebackers in the box, but Elliott’s block on Cashman forces the pursuing linebackers to go around. Prescott cuts outside of the block and easily scores the touchdown.

Unfortunately, the Cowboys were unable to convert the two-point conversion to tie the game and their comeback attempt once again came up short.

Despite the difficult defensive alignment, this play call took advantage of Prescott’s athletic ability and thanks to an incredible effort by Elliott it was successful. That’s why it is this week’s Cowboys Play of the Game.

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