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Jason Garrett dances around play-action question, doesn't have much positive news on injuries

Jason Garrett meets with the assembled media for some Cowboys Q&A.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Coach updates us all on what’s going on with the Dallas Cowboys as they prepare for their showdown with their NFC East rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

If any injured players do anything in practice it’ll mostly be on the side

Jason Garrett wouldn’t provide much detail on who would be able to practice on Thursday as far as injuries go. He did mention that Travis Frederick, who was out on Wednesday, will be back as he was dealing with a personal issue. He also added that Dorance Armstrong should be okay. All the rest might either do side work or individual drills if they do anything.

Play-action calls have dropped dramatically from first three games to last three games

The Cowboys haven’t been utilizing play action recently as much as they had early on. Jason Garrett noted he didn’t want to make any blanket statements without studying it, but did concede that game situation has obviously played a part in that.

Slow Starts

Garrett said they want to play all 60 minutes and that they have emphasized finishing and the team does a good job of that, finishing plays and games. He obviously wants the team to start faster but noted that it’s individual plays they haven’t taken advantage of that is slowing them down. He said there were a number of plays like that in New York and that it is on coaches and players to do better.

Dak Prescott seems good

The Cowboys quarterback took a lot of hits against the New York Jets, but the head coach noted that Dak is fine. He thought Dak did well in his decision-making and made good throws under pressure.

Did officials do enough to protect Dak last week?

“I respectfully don’t want to comment on the officiating.”

Robert Quinn

Robert Quinn has played “very well” for the Cowboys according to Jason Garrett (and the world), and the head coach took an opportunity to praise him on Thursday. He also noted how professional he is and a veteran in the locker room

Guys not practicing, could they play without practice

The players that are currently injured for the Cowboy are veteran players who have a lot of experience in the NFL. Asked whether or not this would give Jason Garrett more comfort in them playing without practice he did note that there’s some logic to that. He cautioned that you have to evaluate each player individually and decide whether he can handle what is being asked of him with the injury.

Determining when to get Tony Pollard involved

Jason Garrett mentioned that the Cowboys would like to get Tony Pollard involved while adding that the guy who plays his position (Ezekiel Elliott) is an elite player so they want to keep them both involved. He noted that Pollard has skills both as a running back and receiver.

Freedom for Dak Prescott to change plays at the line

Asked if Prescott has the freedom to change plays at the line, Garrett said that he does like most NFL quarterbacks. He didn’t want to get into specifics but said they trust him to do it and that he’s generally done a good job going all the way back to his rookie year.

Jason Garrett stays engaged with the coaching staff

Asked if he spends more time with the offense when they’re struggling (in terms of people like Kellen Moore) Jason Garrett noted that he has been engaged with them all throughout the season.

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