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Report: Jerry Jones advocated for more leniency on marijuana at NFL owners meetings this past week

Jerry’s always doing something.

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It’s been quite a busy week for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Last Sunday was his 77th birthday, a day he unfortunately spent watching his beloved Cowboys lose on the road against the New York Jets. Since then he’s been asked question after question about the job status of his head coach Jason Garrett, but in true Jerry Jones fashioned he’s managed to generally deflect them all (while keeping things interesting of course).

Jones also spent part of the week in Florida at annual fall NFL owners meetings. It’s here that the league’s dignitaries get together to discuss the state of the where the game is at and how they can improve things. Obviously officiating was a very big talking point, especially coming off of the terrible calls on Monday night between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers.

Jerry Jones advocated to NFL owners for leniency on marijuana

Something that Jerry Jones has felt passionately about for a few years now has been for the league to assess how they punish players that are found to be using marijuana. There are obviously a lot of thoughts on this subject beyond the National Football League and Jerry clearly wants to get the league closer to them than they currently are. From SI:

Jerry’s show. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones commandeered a good part of the Wednesday session, with about 90 minutes devoted to his feelings on the league’s marijuana policy and the proposal for the league to make another investment in the Hall of Fame. Jones advocated more leniency on marijuana—which lead to a discussion that included Jones’ feelings that the NFL should be less heavy-handed on discipline—and for the league helping the people in Canton.

This subject will obviously make Cowboys fans immediately think of currently-suspended defensive end Randy Gregory. Dallas drafted Gregory back in 2015 and he’s only played in 28 games with the team due to on and off suspensions.

It’s not just Gregory that has dealt with this issue, though. New England Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon has had his fair share of suspensions as well, yet he has returned to form and is playing with the team once again this season. The hope all along has been that Randy Gregory could follow a similar path and with the league re-establishing terms for the new collective bargaining agreement now is the time for Jerry to get in whatever verbiage protects players that find themselves in similar situations.

There are a lot of other issues for the league to figure out, like the upcoming CBA itself. There’s also officiating as mentioned, the status of the upcoming stadium in Los Angeles, and of course, tinkering with the rules.

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