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Who will be the Cowboys X-Factor player of the game against the Eagles on Sunday night?

Big games call for big plays, but who do you got making them on Sunday night?

NFL: DEC 09 Eagles at Cowboys Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sunday night will feature the Walking Dead. I’m not just talking about the AMC show many of you will be watching, but I’m also describing the status of the losing team of this big matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Somebody is going to get the life sucked out of them on Sunday, and it’s going to be terrifying. Instead of fearing the Whisperers, one of these teams will have to endure the whispers of a big shake up needed to get their team back on track. We are all hoping that the apocalypse will be happening in the city of brotherly love rather than in Texas.

It’s a big game, no doubt, but what is it going to take to beat those dreaded Eagles? Better yet, who needs to make plays to get it done? Our front page writing staff offers up who they believe will have a big game in Sunday night huge matchup against Philly.

David Howman - Tony Pollard

He hasn’t been used much lately but I expect Dallas to use a big dose of him against Philly. The Eagles are getting either Jalen Mills or Ron Darby, or both, back in their secondary, which would move their burnt-to-a-crisp corners back into the slot and create a great matchup for Pollard motioning out of the backfield.

Michael Sisemore - Michael Gallup

The Eagles defense has given up the most explosive pass plays this season. Philadelphia has given up the most explosive touchdowns as well which is a favorable matchup for the Cowboys receivers. Make no mistake, the key to beating the Eagles is not a heavy dose of Ezekiel Elliott. If they want to win this, they’ll have to find success with Dak Prescott’s arm. The Cowboys would be wise to get back to the offense they were in weeks 1-3. Michael Gallup is the guy that will get the more winnable matchups. Toss the rock, Cowboys.

Tom Ryle - Dak Prescott

What Kellen Moore does with Dak Prescott and the passing game will be key. The Eagles have a very good run defense and a porous secondary. If the Cowboys insist on running early, then this season may be down the tubes already, and maybe we were a tad too harsh with Scott Linehan. If Dak is given the freedom to attack through the air, then they should be able to rack up the yards and the points. Let Ezekiel Elliott loose if you get a big lead, but otherwise, this has to be on Prescott’s arm.

Michael Strawn - Maliek Collins

The interior of the Cowboys’ defense has been, to put it mildly, disappointing this season. Considering how much hype we heard about Collins in the preseason, that’s a surprise. He grades high among interior pass rushers but his run defense has been suspect. We need to see Collins put his imprint on this game.

Danny Phantom - DeMarcus Lawrence

Sure, every game the Cowboys All-Pro defensive end should be an X-Factor, but he enters this game a little unappreciated. His 2.5 sacks isn’t what $100 million is supposed to buy you, especially considering Robert Quinn has twice as many sacks on the year despite playing in two fewer games. And to make matters worse, he’s never recorded a sack against Carson Wentz as Eagles’ fans will be quick to remind you. Despite the criticism, Tank is a game-changer, and look for him to help restore hope in the defense by outplaying his All-Pro opponent Lane Johnson. Look for an emotionally charged game from Lawrence where he will finally break the Wentz sack-curse and come up with two big splash plays that will alter the course of the game.

Who do you think will stand out in the Cowboys big game against the Eagles?

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