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Brett Maher makes history with another 60+ yard field goal

The Cowboys kicker has a big leg that puts him in the history books.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s never a given when Brett Maher lines up for a kick. Most Cowboys fans are a little uneasy when the Cowboys have to try a field goal, or even an extra point, and that’s for good reason as Maher has been inconsistent since he took over the job from Dan Bailey. But if you want someone to kick a field goal from beyond 60 yards, then Maher is your man.

The Cowboys called on their kicker again from 63 yards tonight right before halftime. In an aggressive move, Jason Garett decided to try some offense when the Cowboys got the ball at their own 30 with 22 seconds left in the fist half. Instead of kneeling down, Garrett decided to go and the Cowboys moved the ball to the Eagles 45 on three passes to Jason Witten.

That's when Maher nailed the 63-yard field goal and entered the history books.

Considering how long the NFL has been around and all the great kickers that have played the game, that’s quite an accomplishment for Maher.

On the night, Maher was 3 for 3 on field goals and had four extra points. That’s 13 points for the Cowboys kicker, and one huge accomplishment.

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