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Brett Maher has made the longest four field goals in Dallas Cowboys franchise history

Brett Maher may not be the most consistent kicker, but his leg can’t be denied.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Understanding Brett Maher, the Dallas Cowboys kicker, is a hard thing to do.

He’s erratic. He’s clutch. He’s fine. He’s all of these things and more.

It’s the more that really showed up on Sunday night (you know, the night when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles). Just before the first half ended, Brett Maher kicked the longest field goal in Dallas Cowboys franchise history... 63 yards!

We’ve reached the point (we were already at it to be fair) where Brett Maher is undeniably the Cowboys kicker. The team isn’t going to change at this point in the season, they’ve been with him through thick and thin.

The thick is getting pretty thick though, especially from a team record standpoint. Did you know that Brett Maher not only has the longest field goal in franchise history, he has the four longest?!

Longest field goals in Dallas Cowboys franchise history

  • Brett Maher, 63 (10/20/19)
  • Brett Maher, 62 (12/9/18)
  • Brett Maher, 62 (10/13/19)
  • Brett Maher, 59 (12/23/18)
  • Billy Cundiff, 56 (11/20/05)
  • Dan Bailey, 56 (10/12/14)
  • Dan Bailey, 56 (9/11/16)
  • Dan Bailey, 56 (9/17/17)

Brett Maher has made 39 field goals in a season and a half (not even technically) with the Cowboys. The four that we’re talking about are more than 10% of his total career kicks in the NFL in general, and they’re the four longest in team history. That’s wild.

Many believe that Maher is only good from downtown and that he’s inaccurate the closer that he gets to the endzone. Let’s consider all of his career kicks to date.

Brett Maher field goal percentage by distance

  • 20 to 29-yard attempts.......... 15 for 15, 100%
  • 30 to 39-yard attempts.......... 8 for 11, 73%
  • 40 to 49-yard attempts.......... 7 for 12, 58%
  • 50 to 59-yard attempts.......... 9 for 12, 75%
  • Extra Points attempts............. 54 for 55, 98%

Clearly the weakest part of Maher’s game are his 40 to 49-yard attempts, so it’s not exactly the closest ones possible. It is definitely interesting how he’s more accurate from a bit deeper out, sometimes kickers just struggle with a particular range.

Brett Maher is a good NFL kicker. He’s had his share of big moments for the Cowboys but he’s also had some that are worth forgetting. For now, it seems like the Cowboys will live and die by what they know are his strengths and weakness, and perhaps this leads them to go for it more on fourth down when Maher is facing a 40 to 49-yard field goal.

Still though, the four longest in franchise history. Unreal!

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