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Looks like Fletcher Cox threw a punch at Zack Martin while the Cowboys were beating the Eagles


New York Jets v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys dominated the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night. We all know this.

It was one of the worst losses the Eagles have taken in some time, it’s arguably the worst in the Doug Pederson era. There’s no doubt that it was a frustrating experience for all on the Philly side of the field. That is common sense.

While football can be a game of trials and tribulations, there are still lines that should never be crossed. I’m not talking about some unwritten rule, I’m talking about basic decency towards other players.

This apparently is not a creed that all Eagles players follow. In the aftermath of Sunday’s game some people have found video of what appears to be Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox throwing a punch at Zack Martin. Watch for yourself.

There’s no doubt that football gets physical and that things happen at the bottom of scrums, but this is a pretty trash move from Cox.

The NFL often punishes players for things that happened in games after the fact. We’ll see if Cox is fined for this to any degree, what do you think will happen?

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