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Jason Garrett updates status of Robert Quinn, Leighton Vander Esch, also comments on trade possibilities

Coach Jason Garrett held a press conference during the bye week.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are on bye this week which means there will be no football for them this weekend. While that’s the case there is still one more press conference for Jason Garrett before everybody heads out to get some rest. Here’s a recap of everything that he said. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

What to accomplish this week

Jason Garrett noted that practices during the bye week are shorter and that veterans typically don’t practice so that this typically sets up opportunities for younger players to get in and get some time of their own. He also added that the bye, obviously, provides an opportunity to take a breath at the midpoint of the season. He said the coaches do a self-scout and try to make adjustments.

What stands out from the first seven weeks

Coach noted there are good things they have done and things they need to get better on. Whether that is specific concepts or plays on offense, defense or the kicking game, Garrett said they self-scout and try to improve on that.

Status of Robert Quinn and Leigthon Vander Esch

Coach said they seem like they’re doing well but that they won’t practice today. They anticipate both being able to practice next week.

Cowboys are “excited about the group that they have”

The trade deadline is approaching and that generated questions about any possible moves. Jason Garrett noted that they’ll leave that up to the personnel side of the team but that they like who they have. He did note that the team is always looking for ways to improve and that it’s a 365 day a year process. They are always working players out and looking around the league, but the personnel guys make those decisions.

The standard is high for everyone

Earlier in the week Zack Martin noted that in some ways players like Jason Witten hold not only the players accountable, but the coaches. Jason Garrett mentioned that there are a number of guys on the Cowboys who do that and that it’s a great dynamic for the team. He talked about developing relationships and trust and having open lines of communication. He also said when a guy like Witten says something, everybody takes note.

How to handle success and adversity

Garrett noted that this is something they talk about daily. They discuss handling adversity and success week to week, even play to play. He commented on putting things behind you and focusing on executing the next play.

Dak Prescott is off to a great start

Coach was effusive in his praise of Dak, noting his leadership and both his physical and mental toughness. He said Dak works very hard week to week and is a very focused player, and that he has been productive both passing and running the ball.

Prescott to Cooper connection

Coach called it exciting, saying that it goes back to their approach to the game, they both come in and work hard to be great. He said that is what is fun about coaching, helping guys like that improve their skills and helping them to be great.

Finding opportunities for Tony Pollard

Garrett said that Pollard played a lot early when Zeke was coming back and that he picks things up well as a rookie. He likes his production, running, catching and even his pass protection. He then noted the obvious issue that Zeke is in front of him and that you want to get Zeke opportunities. That went into coach noting they want to get a lot of players involved and that week to week how they split up those opportunities can change.

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