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Turnovers propelled the Cowboys to victory against the Eagles last week

Taking the ball away is pretty important in the NFL.

By now you’re likely well-aware that the Cowboys entered their game against the Philadelphia Eagles as the only team in the NFL not to begin a drive in opposing territory. That was one of the more unbelievable stats of the season.

We can now say was because Dallas ended that drought and they did so rather quickly. Altogether the Cowboys generated four turnovers on Sunday night (you know, when they beat the Eagles) and as a result began four drives on the other side of the 50-yard line.

Cowboys drives resulting from Eagles turnovers

How Ball Obtained Starting Field Position Cowboys Result
How Ball Obtained Starting Field Position Cowboys Result
Dallas Goedert fumble PHI 45 Touchdown
Carson Wentz fumble PHI 14 Touchdown
Carson Wentz interception PHI 39 Interception
Carson Wentz fumble PHI 16 Touchdown

This is a beautiful-looking list, isn’t it? Bathe in it.

Real talk though, turnovers are a very good thing and were a huge reason why the Cowboys dominated the Eagles last week. This is something that we talked about in the latest video on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel (subscribe right here). Remember that we’ve got tons of stuff coming out there every week including game recaps and film reviews.

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