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Kellen Moore said this was one of the most important zero-yard plays against the Eagles

One of the more impactful plays that didn’t light up the box score of the Cowboys and Eagles game.

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

There were a lot of great moments from last week’s game between the Cowboys and the Eagles. With the Cowboys on a bye this week we’ve all had an opportunity to really soak them in. Some big moments like touchdowns or turnovers are more obvious than others, but there are also impactful plays that don’t stand out in the box score.

What would you say was the biggest play of such a variety against Philly last week? There are definitely contenders, but offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has one that he really liked. He mentioned it on this week’s Jason Garrett Show from the mothership.

“Zeke is a special player and he’s really special because he’s really unselfish. He really cares about the team. He’d been asking for weeks, ‘hey let me go out there and let me go block a defensive end.’ Sometimes you’re a little hesitant on that. Zeke, let’s just let you run the ball, we’ll let other people deal with that. But he was adamant on it and it gave everyone a lot of juice. It was probably one of the most important zero yard gains for our team. He motioned out, simulated like he was going out to be in a receiver alignment, then came back in motion, blocked the defensive end, got a phenomenal block there, and ultimately it only went for zero yards but I think it had a huge impact on our team.”

This was the first offensive play of the second half and in case you forgot, the Cowboys had a 27 to 7 lead on the Eagles at the time. For the team to come out and immediately send a message like that with Elliott taking out Derek Barnett no doubt helped set the tempo for the finish that the Cowboys wanted to have.

Obviously Zeke can only block on a running play if someone else has the ball. On this particular play, the Cowboys had him and Tony Pollard on the field simultaneously, seeing them together will provide more opportunities for fun like this moving forward.

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